Free Digital Movie Codes Guide

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Key Takeaways

  • Free digital movie codes can help save you money.
  • Free movie codes can be found on a few websites and other online platforms.
  • Online movie marketplaces also sell digital movie codes.
  • You can sell your own movie codes.
  • Starting a movie exchange is a fun way to exchange movie codes.
  • Be cautious about the legal restrictions on movies.

If you love watching movies and spend many family nights watching the same movies, it may be time to change things up. Adding a few new additions to your movie collection can help liven up your movie nights. Sometimes finding digital movie codes can take some work, but we’ve compiled a list of the best places for you to get free digital movie codes.


How & Where To Get Free Digital Movie Codes?

If you’ve exhausted your current movie collection, then you know the struggle of watching your favorite movies over and over again. If you’ve tried Netflix and Showmax and simply just can’t bring yourself to pay for a streaming service, then digital movie codes are an excellent choice for movie nights.

Most digital movie codes are free, and if you have to end up paying for one, it won’t break the bank, but we prefer the freebies.

Vudu Website

Vudu is an extensive digital movie database that allows you to stream movies for free, pay for movies and create an account to store your digital movies. You will need to create an account on Vudu before you can start to redeem digital movie codes. If you enter the movie code on the Vudu site, you own the movie and can watch it whenever you like and download it to your phone or pc.

To redeem digital movie codes on Vudu, complete the following steps:


  1. First, sign up for a Vudu account. If you haven’t created a Vudu account yet, visit the Vudu website and sign up for an account.
  2. Go to the Vudu redeem page. Once you have signed up on the Vudu page, navigate to the redeem page on the Vudu website.
  3. Copy the digital movie code. Next, copy your digital movie code and place it in the relevant field.
  4. Enjoy your movie. Once the movie code has been accepted by the site, you can enjoy your movie.

A few websites list codes that you could redeem on the Vudu website. Although you may run into a few expired codes, others should still be viable. For a list of codes, visit this website. 

Listia Website

Listia is a listings site where you can find free digital movie codes. It’s a marketplace where you can sell all kinds of items. The currency works on a points basis, and no actual money is involved in transactions. Some digital movie codes are sold through bidding, while others are available for a particular value which is reflected with points.

You can watch videos, complete surveys, or partake in other offers to earn points. You will also receive a sign-up bonus and make your first points when signing up. You can then trade your points for movie codes.

You can also put up a few items that you are not using for sale. This can quickly generate many points that can purchase movie codes. There are lots of movie codes available on Listia. Make sure you search for “Digital movie codes” or “Vudu” codes on the Listia website to find movies.

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere lets you upload all your digital movies into one platform. So, for example, if you already have digital movie codes from DVDs, you could use Movies Anywhere to redeem them. What’s excellent about Movies Anywhere is that it connects all your movie accounts to one platform. 

You can link your Google, Vudu, and Amazon accounts to your Movies Anywhere account. Once you open an account and connect two digital movie accounts, they also have sign-up freebies.


Some websites have free codes available on Movies Anywhere; these are giveaway sites. Some codes may have an expiry date, so it may take a while to sift through the listing to see which ones you can use. You can also use your Movies Anywhere account to host watch parties and lend movies to your friends and family through your Movies Anywhere account.

Discount Stores

Discount stores like Dollar Tree and stores like Walmart often sell movies for a bargain price. Some have even been listed for as little as $1. The best is to find movies with a digital code that you can redeem. This can either be added to your movies collection or sold on Listia or other sites. You can trade in digital movie codes or swap with someone you know to get free digital movie codes.

Movie Exchange

If you have a few DVDs or digital movie codes that you’d like to swap in exchange for different digital movie codes, then hosting a movie exchange can help you get free movie codes. For example, if you love movies and have a few friends and family members who have some old DVDs lying around, you could start a movie exchange and get rid of your movies in exchange for new free digital movie codes. 

A movie exchange can also be hosted in your neighborhood, where digital movie codes can be swapped and redeemed.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are great places to get your hands on old DVDs with movie codes. Many people want to get rid of DVDs, and you could find a few movie codes too. You could even bargain down the prices of older movies and get a DVD bundle for a smaller percentage of what you would typically pay for it. You could even list digital movies codes on a listings website and sell them.

Reddit Community

There’s a thread on basically anything on Reddit, and digital movie codes have their own thread. Although some of these questions and answers may be outdated, you may get lucky and find a few good digital movie codes. Some users sell movie codes, while others give them away for free. 

There are also threads on Reddit community where you can trade your digital movie codes; these are more recently posted and on an active thread. If you’re looking for other threads on Reddit for free movie codes, simply type “Free digital movie codes.” You will be able to find a few resources offering movie codes.


Redbox Codes

Redbox codes are generally available when you check out at some stores. The codes could give you one free movie or a discount on rentals. Redbox codes can be found on coupon sites like our constantly updated post with the latest active codes.

To redeem your code, visit one of the coupon sites. Select the movie coupon you would like to redeem. If using the code at a kiosk, select a disc and add it to your cart, enter your coupon code and redeem it.

If using a Redbox code via a website or mobile app to redeem the coupon, pick the movie you want to rent and add it to your cart. Then, in the checkout section, add your coupon code and redeem. Your movie will then be ready for you to watch.

YouTube Channels

Many YouTubers do giveaways or have made videos where they list digital movie codes. They often get these from old DVDs they own. Among giving away digital movie codes for free, they also do giveaways if you like and subscribe to their channel. A few good YouTube channels to look for digital movie codes are Mathewzone, and Brian’s Free Digital Codes

It’s important to note that you’ll have to look out for a live video or a just-released video to claim these codes; most expire or have a limit on the number of times they can be redeemed.

Old DVD And Blue Ray Movies

If you have a few old DVDs and Blue Rays in storage, you may want to check them out. Many of them come with free movie codes, which you can use. If you don’t want to use them, you may be able to swap them on an online marketplace or with someone you know. 

This is the easiest method to get free movie codes. You could even sell your movie code and use that money to purchase more DVDs with movie codes. Amazon has a great selection of movies with digital codes.

Now that we’ve covered how and where to get free digital movie codes, you may have some other questions about digital movie codes. Sometimes getting a free code to watch a movie seems like it comes with a catch. Some sites can be deceiving when getting free movie codes; others require you to sign up or give some of your personal information away. 

Wherever you find a movie code, it’s essential to check its viability and make sure you trust the source.


If you have a few digital movie codes and you’re wondering if digital movie codes expire, or maybe you are concerned with the legalities of trading in movie codes. Perhaps you’ve even asked if purchasing digital movie codes is worth it; we have all the answers to these questions below.

How To Get Digital Movie Codes From A DVD I Own?

If you own a few DVDs, you may find that some of them come with digital movie codes. These movie codes can be redeemed to get a digital version of the movie or swapped or sold for more digital movie codes. The DVD cover usually lists if there is a movie code inside or not. You can also redeem the digital copy of the movie on Google Play Movies. 

To redeem your digital movie code on Google Play Movies, enter the promotional code on the redemption page to access the digital version of the movie. The movie will now be available to watch in your Google Play Movies app.

Which Sites Accept Digital Movie Codes?

There are a few sites that accept digital movie codes. The most popular are Movies Anywhere, Vudu, and Ultraviolet Cinema. Other sites which sell digital movie codes are FastFlicks, UV Spider, Happy Watching, and Cheap UV Codes. You can also redeem movie codes on some of these sites.

Do Digital Movie Codes Expire?

Generally, retailers list an expiry date on the digital movie codes found in DVD cases. However, these can still work on some sites like iTunes and Vudu. So yes, in theory, all movie codes expire according to the date and information listed with the DVD but can often still be used on the movie code site. A digital movie code can usually be used only once if found in a DVD case.

Is Selling Movie Codes Legal?

Selling movie codes and if it is legal is a bit complicated. In theory, according to the doctrine of the first sale, you should not sell a DVD for profit, but movie codes generally work differently. Since digital movie codes are found in the DVD case, you could sell these as they are separate items to the DVD disk itself. Therefore, you would not technically be breaking any laws by selling movie codes. 

Are Purchasing Digital Movie Codes Worth It?

Movie codes can be a good option if they are purchased once in a while. If purchased once in a while, you could get a digital version of your favorite movies. Many sites that sell movie codes sell them for a reasonable price. The best option would be to get movie codes as freebies. There may also be bundle deals available with a few movie codes for a fraction of the regular price.

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