Food Delivery Sites With Student Discounts

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Due to the popularity of house parties, late-night study snacks, and “no-fuss” dinner plans among college students, it is vital to find a food delivery app that meets their budgets. Fortunately, many food delivery websites/apps are perfect for college students on a budget!


Key Takeaways

  • Although not all food delivery apps and websites have student discounts/memberships, many apps and websites have regular specials and discounts.
  • Many food delivery apps and websites offer student discounts via third-party websites like UniDays and Studentbeans.
  • Many food delivery websites and apps allow for the purchase and delivery of alcohol, provided you have valid identification.
  • Some food delivery websites and apps also allow for deliveries and services from other retailers, like grocery stores and laundry services.
  • Meal kits and coffee food delivery services are often specialized websites and apps, which include student discounts and/or memberships.

Best Food Delivery Sites With Student Discounts

Although some food delivery websites require third-party apps/websites to access their student discounts (which will be clearly stated), these discounts and promos are usually easy to apply – hence their inclusion on our “student discount list.”

1. Snackpass

Snackpass is unique among food tech/delivery apps as it focuses on the social aspect of eating out and/or ordering in with a group of friends.

Snackpass achieves this by incorporating communication features and coupons/discounts into the app as tokens that can be shared among friends. Therefore, purchases via the app can result in an accumulation of tokens which can be traded into discounts for yourself or other people!

While only available at select college campuses, Snackpass is a growing platform designed for college students, including using various referral codes, which allows new users to access unique benefits/discounts at the moment of installation!


2. Uber Eats

Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of the broader Uber brand, Uber Eats is one of the pioneering food delivery websites and remains one of the biggest and most trusted food delivery apps in the world!

While Uber Eats can be pricey, with an average delivery of 15% of an order’s subtotal, there is a yearly premium pass that results in a 0% delivery fee.

Along with regular app-exclusive discounts and specials, Uber Eats often has student discounts and specials, such as 20$ off your first order if you register your profile/order with UniDays!

3. Doordash

While Doordash may not have the global reach of Uber Eats, its presence in North America is larger than Uber Eats (boasting over 300 000 restaurants across 4000 cities in the United States of America.)

While Doordash has a premium plan at $9.99 a month or $96 a year, students can take advantage of the premium plan for only $4.99 a month or $48 a year! The student discount applies to students enrolled in universities or post-secondary schools.

The premium plan gives college students access to a $0 delivery fee and reduced service fees for orders over $12, making it one of the best food delivery websites/apps for American college students on a budget!


4. Grubhub

Even more significant than Doordash’s presence in the American market is the success and jurisdiction of GrubHub (although its international presence is limited.)

Grubhub’s student membership provides students and faculty members at select universities with a host of benefits at a discounted price (while members of the Amazon Prime student members have free access to the Grubhub student membership!)

Grubhub’s student membership discounts include:

  • Free food delivery for orders over $12,
  • Matched donations by participating restaurants for the Donate the Change foundation,
  • Exclusive Grubhub coupons, discounts, and specials.

5. GoPuff

GoPuff, once known for its signature food items alongside a variety of other products, has now stepped up its game by introducing the Student FAM membership. Originated on a college campus with a mission to enhance the lives of students, GoPuff now brings an exclusive membership to over 1,000 campuses nationwide.

The new Student FAM membership is priced at a student-friendly rate of $3.99/month or $39.99/year, giving them access to benefits that include up to 30% lower prices on essentials. From items like organic eggs to hot fries during those late-night study sessions, GoPuff ensures timely delivery and incredible deals. Not to forget, members can get unlimited free deliveries without any hidden fees. By leveraging this membership, students have the potential to save an average of $20 monthly.

You also get extra perks like:

  • 7-day free Bumble Premium trial
  • 7-day free trial of GauthPlus with a 25% discount on a Gauthmath premium subscription.

For those keen to jump aboard this offer, signing up is easy with a .edu email address.


Best Delivery Sites Without Student Discounts

Although the following food delivery sites do not have student discounts/memberships (either via the app or via third-party websites), they all provide excellent customer service, unique features, and affordable delivery options/regular specials for students on a budget.

6. Postmates

As the name implies, Postmates is more than just a food delivery website; instead, it allows users to have almost any good “posted” to them from over 4 200 cities across all American states!

A highlight of Postmates is that the company opened its application programming interface (API) to merchants, thus allowing small businesses to have access to the app, resulting in niche goods for consumers and a system to allow small businesses to compete with larger ones!

In conclusion, Postmates also provides a platform for student-run businesses on and off campuses to find a market in the online food delivery space!

7. Instacart

Instacart allows customers to have groceries delivered to them or have them set aside for contact-free pick-up from various retail stores across the United States of America.

Instacart’s differentiator is that it employees the services of a “personal shopper,” meaning better customer service and on-the-go communication between customers and their personal shopper.

8. gives users access to a host of delivery options (groceries, alcohol, etc.) while also providing a platform for businesses to provide remote services, such as laundry services! hosted approximately 12 000 merchants in over 100 cities across America, meaning that while its jurisdiction is smaller than some other websites/apps on this list, they make up for it with specialized service options you are unlikely to find on many other websites/apps!

9. Seamless

Like larger companies on this list like Uber Eats, Seamless has broad jurisdiction in America and other countries (with an approximate user count of over 2 million members in America and London!)


Since Seamless and Grubhub’s merger into Grubhub Inc, Seamless has improved coverage, allowing for orders from large international corporations and local restaurants, particularly in metropolitan areas like New York City.

10. ChowNow

While ChowNow has limited coverage when it comes to food delivery, it makes up for this by having broader coverage with ordering food from restaurants in advance for pick up or sit down.

Further to the above, ChowNow’s business model is focused on uncovering hidden gems and supporting local restaurants rather than promoting large corporations. Consequently, ChowNow is the perfect app for students looking to find or support a local hangout!

11. Caviar

Similar to ChowNow and as the name implies, Caviar focuses on fine dining and supporting local restaurants rather than international fast-food chains.

Although Caviar may not be the best app/website for students on a budget, it is an ideal way for students to spoil themselves on special occasions such as during graduation week or when their local college sports team records a huge victory!

Best Food Delivery Websites For Students That Like Home Cooking

Although students may enjoy having ready-made food delivered to them, this can prove a costly affair (with or without student discounts!)

Fortunately, the following three apps/websites are perfect for college students looking to order meal boxes at affordable prices, all of which have third-party student discounts:

12. Everyplate

Everyplate allows users to choose between 17 recipes and food boxes every week, delivered directly to your door! All of which only has six simple steps to follow and make you a master chef in no time, perfect for busy college students on a budget!

At the time of writing, UniDays has a limited offer to get your first order for only $1.99 and a 20% discount off your next two orders!

13. HelloFresh

Started by Chef David Burtka and celebrity actor Neil Patrick Harris, each HelloFresh order includes an easy-to-follow recipe with nutritional information, high-quality ingredients, conveniently sized meal kits that are easy to transport, and over 30 recipes; to choose from every week!

At the time of writing, UniDays has a limited offer to get 15% off your first 52 deliveries!

14. Home Chef

As the name implies, Home Chef is all about teaching people and students to create delicious, restaurant-tier meals in under 30 minutes from home!

Unlike other meal kit apps/websites that have select recipes every week, Home Chef allows users to customize each meal and its ingredients to their specific requirements!

At the time of writing, Studentbeans has a limited offer to get $30 off your first three boxes and $26 off your fourth meal kit (for a total savings of $116!)

Best Food Delivery Websites For Groceries

Naturally, the best method to save money as a college student is to order your own groceries and make your own affordable meals at home.

The following three apps/websites have third-party discounts and are ideal for college students looking to order groceries at affordable prices:

15. Costco

As one of the biggest wholesalers of groceries and essential goods in America, it’s no surprise that Costco has expanded its service offering beyond in-store purchases.

Therefore, college students looking for grocery deliveries at affordable prices can rely on Costco’s exceptional service reputation and broad jurisdiction to provide any/all essential goods!

At the time of writing, UniDays has limited offers on Gold Star and Executive membership, as well as a $30 Costco Shop Card on both membership deals!

16. Vitacost

Designed with health-conscious consumers and students in mind, Vitacost is an international e-commerce platform that provides shipping of health foods, supplements, and a range of goods to over 150 countries across the world!

Along with an online coupon of $10 off a $150 order and/or $25 off a $250 order, UniDays is also offering a limited student discount of 15% off your first order!

17. BJs

Founded in 1945 as a local “variety store,” BJs has expanded into a wholesale online and retail store that allows customers to buy everything from groceries to hardware supplies and beyond at affordable prices across America!

At the time of writing, UniDays has a limited offer of $30 for BJ’s Inner Circle Membership. Allowing customers to save up to 25% off grocery store items every day!

Now that we’ve looked at some of the best food delivery websites/apps on the market, let’s explore more specialized food delivery apps college students may be interested in:

What Are The Best Food Delivery Websites For Coffee?

There’s no denying that coffee is a must-have essential for any hardworking college student burning the midnight oil! Unfortunately, quality coffee can prove expensive!

Fortunately, the following three apps/websites are perfect for college students looking to order coffee at affordable prices:

  • Volcanica
  • Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf
  • Illy


Volcanica is an online retail store that sources over 150 organic coffees from volcanic regions across the globe. At the time of writing, Studentbeans has a limited offer of 15% off all coffees ordered and delivered from the Volcanica website!

Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf

For lovers of both coffee and tea, look no further than Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Founded in 1963, this established roaster has both in-store purchases and online deliveries to suit the needs of students looking for an escape from dorm rooms and those looking for a late-night caffeine fix!

Coupled with an affordable subscription service and rewards program, Studentbeans has a limited offer of 10% off all coffees ordered and delivered from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf website!


Illy is one of the largest and most recognized coffee brands in the world. Founded in Italy in 1933, Illy has expanded into a global company that specializes in a host of coffee styles, pricing, and equipment to meet the needs, budgets, and palates of all customers!

At the time of writing, Studentbeans has a limited offer of 25% off all coffees ordered and delivered from the Illy website!

Are All Food Delivery Apps Available On All Devices?

Save for very few exceptions, such as food delivery apps with limited jurisdictions, niche products, and small development teams; nearly all delivery apps are available on all IOS and Android devices.

Do You Have To Tip The Driver When Using A Delivery App?

While most delivery apps have optional features that allow you to trip the driver, none of the above-mentioned food delivery apps require users to tip the driver to use the app.

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