All The Best Bamboo Sunglasses

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If you are looking to upgrade your sunglasses from plastic that’s not eco-friendly to a more sustainable, fashionable, and 100% natural material, then bamboo sunglasses are for you. Bamboo sunglasses are durable, available in many designs, and offer some of the best UV protection.


The 9 best bamboo sunglasses are below, read on to see the list.

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Key Takeaways

  • Bamboo sunglasses are 100% eco-friendly, come in various design types, and are starting to dominate the sunglass market.
  • Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly of the several materials used in constructing sunglasses frames.
  • It’s the most renewable resource on the planet. Bamboo requires very little water to flourish. Bamboo roots also do not die after harvesting, allowing them to develop faster.
  • They provide unrivaled UV protection. Bamboo fibers naturally protect against UV radiation, rejecting up to 93 percent of the damaging rays.

Which Bamboo Sunglasses Are The Best?

Bamboo sunglasses made from 100% natural bamboo, FCS certified, are the best. These bamboo are waterproof and the best material to protect you from UV radiation – rejecting 93% of damaging rays.

Handmade bamboo sunglasses are very popular, and their design typically fits prescription lenses without any hassle. Bamboo sunglasses that are light in design are best for use when playing sports or participating in water activities.

Bamboo will float on water, making losing them at the pool, lake, or beach almost impossible. The best bamboo sunglasses are the ones that fit your face, so be sure to choose the right design for your facial features.


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Woodword Bamboo Sunglasses – Best All-In-One

These bamboo sunglasses are handcrafted. The texture and color pattern have been highlighted by polishing the wood, making it darker than other bamboo sunglasses. The frame is thicker than other brands, making for a better fit.

Woodward bamboo sunglasses use a double-spring hinge that offers a comfortable fit for most face shapes, and it’s lightweight and sturdy, weighing only 26g. It’s perfect as a gift, but don’t be surprised if the gift giver secretly starts wearing them themselves.

These sunglasses include UV400 polarized lenses and are packaged in a beautiful bamboo box containing the following:

  • Sunglass Cloth
  • Sunglass Bag

Woodies Bamboo Sunglasses – Most Durable

The most popular Bamboo eyewear is made with mirror lenses, which is Woodies’ main design. The bamboo blinds also have 100% natural bamboo arms that hold a wayfarer frame.

The bamboo arms are fitted with stainless steel and double spring hinges, which add to the durability. Even after years of use, this reinforcement keeps them in shape. The bamboo on the side of the head feels excellent, and the polarized lens is fantastic.


The shades also come with amusing stickers, fun cards, a cloth wipe, and a protective case, all included in this fantastic design. They are well-made and durable and come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Treehut – Best Classic Square Keyhole Sunglasses

Treehut uses bamboo from a sustainable resource, collected every three years, and doesn’t cause damage to the plant system or the surrounding environment.

The Treehut Bamboo Square Keyhole incorporates a classic sunglass style made with eco-conscious materials, extremely light, and very comfortable to wear. Its sturdy design makes it ideal for outdoor settings such as driving, strolling, the beach, cycling, and running.

The lenses are made with high-quality composite iridium lenses that help with glare control, light transmission, absorption, reflection, and, most importantly, UVA/UVB protection. Unlike metal or plastic frames, bamboo frames will not be harmed or destroyed by hot or cold weather.

Cloudfield Bamboo Sunglasses – Best Polarized Lenses

Cloudfield sunglasses make a great addition to your fashion collection. They are created with polarized lenses, which will filter UV and preserve your eyesight. The original polaroid substance known as ‘Anti-Glare’ is also used in Cloudfield glasses.

Their polarized glasses provide an additional anti-reflective coating that, when combined with the 9-layer lenses, ensures that your vision is never obstructed and your eyes protected. They provide a distortion-free wide-angle view while blocking 100% of UV (UVA/UVB) radiation.

Cloudfield’s sunglasses are a work of art, a fashion statement, and a portable pair of super sunglasses all rolled into one. The 9-layer lenses include the following films:


  1. Anti-Scratch Film
  2. Anti-Reflective Coating
  3. UV Protective Film
  4. Distortion-Free TAC Lens
  5. Polarizing Film
  6. Distortion-Free TAC Lens
  7. UV Protective Film
  8. Lens Strengthening Coating
  9. Anti-Scratch Film

Wise Owl Eco Bamboo Sunglasses – Best Unisex

The Wise Owl Polarized Unisex Sunglasses are a beautiful pair of sunglasses that both men and women can wear. These glasses are perfect for couples who like to mix and match and swap fashion accessories.

They have double-spring hinges that allow the sunglasses’ arms to hyper-extend 15 degrees to protect the frame from harm. You don’t have to worry about fragility issues experienced with many bamboo sunglasses.

The double spring hinges feature holds them in place regardless of size or form. Wise Owl Echo Sunglasses are equipped with 1.1 mm polarized lenses with UV400 protection that block up to 100% UVA and UVB radiation.

The polarized lenses have a transmittance of 13%, and they include a keyhole nose that ensures the frame does not slip down the wearer’s nose. It’s designed to float on water, and a beautiful bamboo protective case is included in the purchase.

Monroe Bamboo Sunglasses – Best Woman’s Sunglasses

These high-quality bamboo frames are FSC certified and are one of WearPanda’s best-selling frames. The Monroe design fits any face and is constructed with 100% polarized lenses, keeping the summer sun’s rays out of your eyes.

When you buy a pair of Monroe’s, the company directly supports the Optometry Giving Sight foundation. So far, this organization has helped deliver more than 27,000 pairs of glasses to people in need, helped screen more than 4 million people, and supported optical labs and optometry students worldwide.

The Monroe’s comes with a microfiber pouch and a free bamboo case. When you order, the shipping is free, and a lifetime warranty is applicable on your sunglasses. Not all bamboo sunglasses should have to look the same, and the Monroe’s are in a league of their own regarding style.

Grown ‘Lil Kicks’ Bamboo Sunglasses – Best Kids’

‘Lil Kicks’ is super-cool handcrafted, lightweight bamboo sunglasses designed for kids aged 5-10. These sunglasses are 33% lighter than similarly styled plastic eyewear and are made from FSC-certified materials.

Kids don’t like to be bogged down with anything, and these super-light sunglasses won’t hold them back when playing in the pool or beach. They even float, making retrieval a breeze. A part of the proceeds goes to ‘Gift of Sight,’ a company providing sunglasses to less fortunate children.


Your purchase includes free shipping in the USA and Canada, and Grown Designs offer a 100-day warranty (workmanship or material defects) from the manufacturer.

You’ll also get an industry-first ‘DAMN Coverage’ for 180 days if your sunglasses need to be replaced due to wear and tear within this time frame. Any new pair will be discounted by 40%!

Custom Engraved Bamboo Sunglasses – Best Personalized

Are you looking for a high-quality, personalized pair of bamboo sunglasses? The following store found on Etsy, laserprintedproducts, will customize your pair of bamboo sunglasses with images, logos, and wording in various font styles.

The 100% light bamboo frames are fitted with UV400 polarized lenses and are retro in design. It features an anti-glare barrier and is an ideal gift to your man or a team of men competing in a certain sporting event.

What is cooler than wearing your personalized design on funky bamboo sunglasses? The store offers free shipping to anywhere in the US and charges a $35 set-up fee for artwork that isn’t vector-ready.

Takemoto Bamboo Eyewear – Best Handmade

Without a doubt, they are the most fashionable bamboo sunglasses on our list. Takemoto Huang, the designer and founder of the firm, crafts each pair of prescription glasses by hand using his own designs. Sadly at the time of writing it appears the Etsy store is no longer allowing sales, hopefully these beautifully designed glasses come back in stock.

Mr. Takemoto’s Etsy shop was the first to sell glasses with wooden or bamboo frames in 2010, and all these years later, his glasses are still the best-selling wooden eyewear products. Many bamboo manufacturers claim their designs to be original; Takemoto bamboo sunglasses define original!

These fashionable bamboo sunglasses are hard to break, last a long time, and come packaged in a lovely handcrafted wooden box. In addition, you can use your prescription lenses or choose different colors.

Takemoto provides free lifetime maintenance, replacement, and renovation on all parts of his bamboo sunglasses.

What Are The Benefits Of Bamboo Sunglasses?

Bamboo sunglasses has many benefits. One is that it’s eco-friendly compared to sunglasses made out of plastic and other non-degrading materials. Here’s a list of why wearing bamboo sunglasses makes sense:

  • UV Protection – They provide unrivaled UV protection. Bamboo fibers naturally protect against UV radiation, rejecting up to 93 percent of the damaging rays. They also show that people are concerned about sustainable resources and a brighter future for themselves and the earth.
  • Sustainability – Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly of the several materials used to construct sunglasses frames. It’s the most renewable resource on the planet. The reason for this is that bamboo requires very little water to flourish. Their roots also do not die after harvesting, allowing them to develop faster.
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo is eco-friendly since it does not require pesticides to grow, protecting people and the environment from harmful toxins.
  • Style – Most of them are handmade. They are ageless, original, and fashionable. These cool bamboo sunglasses come in various colorful colors and trendy shapes. Even if the frames are wooden, you can still get shapes like circles, squares, cat-eyes, and semi-rimless designs. Vintage motifs can be seen in certain frames. As a result, the amazing sunglasses will never go out of style.
  • Water-Resistant – Because the frames float in the water, they are perfect for water sports and swimming. Fishing and sea expeditions become safe sunglass environments due to the bamboo’s floatability.
  • Durability – Bamboo is one of the most durable and finest materials available, making it ideal for sunglasses frames.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Bamboo Sunglasses?

It is critical to read a buyer’s guide to prevent purchasing cheaply produced sunglasses. A buyer’s guide provides extra information and keeps you from buying sunglasses that don’t fit right. When purchasing bamboo shades, here are a few crucial elements to consider:

  • Correct Fit – Make sure you get a pair that fits you well. How do you know it’s a good match? They’re not going to come off the face whatsoever. I recommend examining the lens’s width and length for a perfect fit.
  • Lense Quality – The performance of bamboo lenses is determined by their quality. Ensure that the sunglasses you choose have polarized lenses for clear vision. To protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays, ensure sure the identical lenses have a high UV rating of up to UV400.
  • Durability – All types of sunglasses can break if handled incorrectly. Look out for the most durable bamboo frames when shopping for sunglasses; double-hinged frames tend to last longer. Ensure that the bamboo sunglasses are reinforced and scratch-resistant.

How Should I Take Care Of Bamboo Sunglasses?

Although bamboo is durable and strong, when used in thin applications like sunglass frames, it’s best to take extra care. The following tips could help you prolong the use of your bamboo sunglasses:

  • Some bamboo sunglasses come with a cleaning microfiber cloth and a protective case. However, if yours did not include either, purchasing them will extend the life and safeguard your bamboo sunglasses. Make sure the case is lined with microfiber.
  • Use only specific cleaning solutions on the lenses, don’t use products such as Windex or generic glass cleaners. Only use a trusted and high-quality sunglass cleaner from a reputable brand to protect lenses and frames.
  • Only wipe your sunglasses with a microfiber cloth after wearing them to avoid scuffing and damaging the lenses. When the sunglasses are not being worn, they should be kept in a strong case for maximum protection.
  • Get a string attachment for swimming or water activities to keep the bamboo frames from drifting away.
  • Maintain your glasses. Small screws, especially those holding the frame together, are prone to falling out. Buy a tiny screwdriver and a repair kit with tiny replacement screws for a few dollars. Keep the kit on hand to tighten screws or replace them if they come loose.

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