Best Affordable Wedding Dress Rental Options

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A wedding dress is the most expensive dress you will ever purchase, yet only wear once. Therefore, many modern brides have instead opted to rent their wedding dresses. Renting your wedding dress could save you a lot of money which could be used to plan the rest of your wedding. Finding a reputable and affordable dress rental company is key to getting the wedding dress of your dreams.


The top 12 affordable wedding dress rental options are below, scroll down to read them all.

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Key Takeaways

  • Renting wedding dresses is increasing in popularity, prompting more people to open wedding dress rental stores.
  • Renting wedding dresses can be affordable. You can even rent a designer wedding dress for a fraction of what you would pay if you were purchasing it.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rental policy to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Renting a wedding dress may limit your options when choosing a dress.

Are There Affordable Wedding Dress Rental Options?

There are many affordable wedding dress rental options, and renting a wedding dress can save you thousands of dollars. Most rental companies charge $50- $600 for renting a wedding dress.

Designer rental gowns may be more expensive compared to generic wedding gowns. Still, you could always rent a designer wedding gown since you will be saving by renting a wedding dress instead of purchasing one.

Rental companies have different pricing structures, and some may require a deposit while others have a subscription service. Other rental companies may pose hefty charges for damages to the rented wedding dress and need you to pay a small insurance fee. Finding a reputable rental company with a pricing structure that suits your budget will also help make the rental process more manageable.


1. Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway runs a rental subscription service for designer clothes. For a monthly fee, a wide variety of designer clothes are available to rent throughout the month. Besides regular designer brand clothing, they also have wedding dresses. This could save you a good amount of money while renting a designer wedding dress with Rent The Runway.

Rent The Runway has dresses from over 300 designers, giving you a wide selection of dresses to choose from. They have physical shops located all over the United States, where you can view and try on dresses. If you prefer online shopping, you can see reviews on dresses from those who rented them previously.

Each dress has sizing descriptions and a gallery of images, helping you decide on your favorite dress. You receive 20% off your first order if you are a first-time customer. After that, memberships start at $69. While they mainly cater to functions and everyday attire, you may find a wedding dress for the wedding reception on Rent The Runway.

2. Borrowing Magnolia

Borrowing Magnolia is a site where brides can sell their wedding dresses. It’s a marketplace that allows previous brides to list their wedding dress and sell it to another bride.

Wedding dresses start from just $100. While this is not technically a site where you can rent wedding dresses, the dresses listed for just $100 are reasonable. They can be cheaper than renting a wedding dress.

3. The Dress Outlet

The Dress Outlet is a great online store that offers wedding dress rental. They have dresses on sale for rent for just $69.99. They have a few pick-up locations to collect your rental wedding dress or have your dress shipped to you via UPS or DHL. They have an extensive wedding dress range consisting of many styles of wedding dresses.


Their online site makes choosing a wedding dress with size, color, price, and sale items easy. In addition, the checkout process is easy, and they offer multiple payment methods.

4. Poshare

Poshare is a fashion platform where you can rent or buy dresses from. They stock a wide array of designer dresses and accessories. They have some of the most beautiful and modern designer dresses, some of which can be rented for only $100.

Their rental process is simple: find a dress you like, select the number of days, rent it, and return it. Their rental fees are based on the number of days you’re renting it, and a small shipping fee is also applied at checkout.

5. Lending Luxury

Lending Luxury has dresses for hire from $50. Some deals may even include free shipping. They stock a variety of sizes and styles of wedding dresses. They have a showroom in Tampa where you can also hire dresses that famous celebrities have worn. Lending Luxury also has occasional sales deals where you can purchase a dress for the value of the rental fee.

6. Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest online marketplaces to find unique products and gifts. They also have wedding dresses for sale and to rent. So if you’re looking for a wide variety of uniquely designed dresses, Etsy has an enormous collection of unique dresses.

The best part about Esty is that you can chat directly to the designer and even negotiate on renting a wedding dress. The Etsy sellers are more likely to be flexible than other wedding dress boutiques.

7. June Bridals

June Bridals has a variety of dresses, including wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and special occasion dresses. Their summer sale rental options start from just $100. In addition, they cater to all brides by providing wedding dresses in all sizes, styles, and variations.


Many dresses are also available in multiple color options. Although their processing time for orders is lengthy, their designer dress collection is impressive.

8. Dare & Dazzle

If you’re looking for a unique renting experience, then Dare & Dazzle is a great rental company to rent a wedding dress from. They offer 10 days to use and return the clothing that is hired and allow you to visit the store or set up a virtual consultation. Their rental options for wedding dresses start from $200. Dare & Dazzle also offers the rental of bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

9. At Romance

While most rental options for wedding dresses are affordable, some rental companies are slightly more expensive. For example, At Romance caters to brides with a somewhat higher budget, but you can still rent a wedding dress for $280. At Romance also has a wedding package, including all the wedding services you’ll need for the big day.

10. Pearl White Wedding

Most brides are looking for a unique and designer wedding dress. Pearl White Wedding is a bridal boutique offering a selection of designer bridal dresses for hire. They cater to budget-conscious brides and have a store in California but offer their services nationwide. Pearl White Wedding also provides a few wedding-related services like flowers, makeup, and hairstyling.

This boutique’s bridal dress rentals are a bit more costly than other stores, with rental prices starting at $380.

11. Tuxedo Express And Creative Bridal Wear

If you reside in Las Vegas, you may want to visit Tuxedo Express and Creative Bridal Wear. They are one of Las Vegas’ largest bridal gown rental stores. They offer competitive pricing and a wide selection of styles and sizes.

They also offer a shuttle service which collects you directly from your hotel. In addition, they have a collection of 400 designer gowns, and their rental fee includes a veil and shoes, making this a very affordable option for brides.

12. Downtown Tux And Gown

Downtown Tux And Gown offer wedding dress and tux rentals that include some alterations, cleaning, pressing, and a stylist for the wedding dress fitting. They also offer free delivery to some areas, and in other places, a small delivery fee may apply. Their wedding dress rentals start from $245 up to $345.

Downtown Tux And Gown also stock a range of accessories to compliment your wedding dress. Some of these include veils, tiaras, and necklace and earring sets.


Now that you know where to hire an affordable wedding dress, you may still be uncertain whether you should rent or purchase a dress. You may also wonder what the benefits of renting a wedding dress are and if renting a wedding dress is the right decision.

Renting a wedding dress is suited to budget-conscious brides who don’t mind skipping the sentimental value of a wedding dress. If this is you, renting a wedding dress is the right decision.

What Are The Pros Of Renting An Affordable Wedding Dress?

Renting a wedding dress is not for everyone. Some brides may be more sentimental and want to keep their wedding dress and even pass it on to their daughters. While most brides dream of finding the perfect dress, the perfect dress may also be a rental dress.

So what are the pros to renting a wedding dress? First, renting a wedding dress is environmentally friendly. Since you aren’t purchasing a new product but re-using an existing one, you are lessening your impact on the environment. Weddings can also produce a lot of waste, so in this way, you make a greener choice, one with less environmental impact.

Renting a wedding dress is budget-friendly. Most brides are looking to pay between $100-$300 to rent a wedding dress. This is much cheaper than having to purchase a wedding dress. These savings can go towards the entertainment for the wedding or towards the honeymoon cost.

Renting a wedding dress may leave you with fewer dress options to choose from. While this can be seen as a pro and con to renting a wedding dress, it depends on the bride. Some brides may love to have lots of different dresses to choose from, while others prefer a small selection making it easier to choose the right dress.

The last advantage to renting a wedding dress is that you don’t have to make arrangements to clean or store the wedding dress. Most wedding dresses are made with luxurious and expensive fabrics which need to be stored correctly to preserve their color. Many brides may want to dry clean their wedding dress before placing it into storage. With a rental option, this isn’t a concern.

What Are The Cons Of Renting An Affordable Wedding Dress?

One of the cons of renting a wedding dress is the limited options you may have on dresses you can choose. Most boutiques may have a small collection of dresses to rent. If you have a specific style, the options may be minimal. Sizing may also be a concern, and alterations if the dress does not fit the way that you would like it to.

Another disadvantage to renting a wedding dress is the additional fees. These may include shipping fees, a deposit, and damages should the dress get damaged. Most rental companies offer a small insurance fee to cover minor damages to the dress. Still, if more extensive damages should occur, you may need to pay for these.

If you rent a wedding dress, you may not find a perfect fit. Rental options offer temporary alterations, but these may not be enough to achieve the desired fit. This is something to think about before opting to rent a wedding dress.

Tips For Renting An Affordable Wedding Dress

If you’ve decided to rent your wedding dress, you may have narrowed down a list of stores to visit to view the wedding dresses. Besides finding the perfect dress, there are a few other tips to consider before renting a wedding dress.

  • Plan to rent matching accessories if you need to
  • Evaluate the rental contract and the terms and conditions before signing it
  • Start looking at rental dresses a couple of months in advance to book the dress for your wedding day.
  • Choose a reliable rental company by checking reviews and doing research
  • Try on the dress before committing to renting it
  • Try to stay as close to your budget as possible
  • Look for a rental company with additional perks like a veil included in the rental fee.
  • Compare prices between different stores before committing to rent a wedding dress.

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