Apparel Stores With Military Discounts

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There are plenty of clothing stores and brands, and many lists of discounted outlets are available for niche items. But if you are a regular military family that shops in the neighborhood malls, it’s good to know which popular stores provide military discounts.


The best 13 Apparel stores with military discounts are below. Scroll down to see them all.

Key Takeaways

  • If you have a DoD ID card and don’t see any military discounts advertised in a store, be sure to ask. Some Stores advertise their military discounts, while others may provide a discount if you ask.
  • Military discounts are discretionary on the part of the stores. It is a gesture of recognition and gratitude to those who have served. There may not be consistent discount amounts through different departments or stores.
  • Discounts may peak or have added advantages during Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day in November.
  • Military discounts often have specific eligibility criteria attached. Some stores will provide a blanket discount to all military members and their families, while others have very particular eligibility requirements.

How To Get Military Discounts On Apparel

Many apparel stores across the country are committed to honoring our military heroes who have served or continue to serve by offering appreciated specials and discounts. A comprehensive list of all retailers that offer discounts is available here, but it can be time-consuming combing through masses of information if you only need to purchase apparel.

We have waded through all the details to provide this easy-to-follow summary of apparel stores where your military service will be rewarded with savings. Not all stores offer in-store discounts. Some have a coupon system, while others provide discounts on the first purchase and require some sort of sign-up.

1. Target

  • Available To: Active duty personnel, veterans, and military families
  • Redemption Type: Online or In-store
  • Periods: Early November to commemorate Veterans Day and around Independence Day
  • Sign-up required: Target Circle membership required
  • Check offer details: Target Military Discount

Target is a household brand name and offers a great selection of reasonably priced goods, including clothing. Since they have an extensive network of stores scattered across the country, they are an excellent stop when you need new summer swimsuits for the kids or everyday clothing.


Unfortunately, Target’s military discount doesn’t extend throughout the year, so be sure to use it when available. Discounts of up to 10% have been available to military families for a few years but have recently been extended to include the period around Independence Day.

2. Kohl’s

  • Available To: Active and former military personnel, veterans, and immediate families
  • Redemption Type: discount on in-store purchases
  • Periods: Veterans Day 30 % military discount applies from 11 – 14 November 2022: Military Mondays – Discounts of 15% apply every Monday for in-store purchases
  • Sign-up required: No. Valid military ID must be presented
  • Check offer details: Kohl’s Military Discount

When it comes to retailers who support our military personnel, it doesn’t get much better than Kohl’s. They carry a wide selection of apparel for the entire family, and stores are widely distributed across the country. The only downside is that the generous military discounts only apply to in-store purchases.

3. Sam’s Club

  • Available to: Active military personnel, veterans, retired and civilian-military employees, and military spouses
  • Redemption Type: Once-off discount
  • Periods: Discount applies to the first purchase made within 60 days of signing up to their rewards club
  • Sign-up required: Yes. Sam’s Club Membership
  • Check offer details: Sam’s Club Military membership

Sam’s Club doesn’t carry a lot of apparel, but it does have an assortment of baby clothes for the smallest members of military families. The discount offered to military families also isn’t enormous or ongoing. Still, every bit helps, so if you have a valid US military card, it is worth signing up for the in-house loyalty membership and getting your $10 savings off your first purchase.

4. Costco

  • Available to: Active duty, retired military personnel, veterans, and military spouse or dependent
  • Redemption Type: Once-off discount when joining Costco as a new member
  • Period: $20 Costco Shop card on membership registration
  • Sign-up required: Yes. Costco Membership
  • Check offer details: Costco Military Discount

Costco is a well-known wholesale outlet. It may not carry designer attire, but it is an excellent one-stop shop for all your basics. The discount offered is a once-off, and you need to purchase a membership, but having a Costco membership card will put you in line for savings on a wide variety of goods and services for everything from clothing to gas.

5. Old Navy / GAP

  • Available to: Active and retired military personnel, dependents
  • Redemption Type: In-store only
  • Period: Ongoing – 10% discount off all in-store purchases.
  • Sign-up required: No – but relevant military ID must be presented
  • Website: Old Navy and GAP military discount

Old Navy and GAP have some of the trendiest fashion apparel and are popular shopping destinations for all ages. The details about their military discounts are a little cloudy, though – there is no doubt that they exist, but they have so many offers and discounts that it can be tricky to find the relevant information.

There is a 10% discount available every day to military personnel that have valid DoD IDs. However, note that the discount is only available in-store and never online.


6. Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Available to: Active-duty military personnel
  • Redemption Type: In-store only
  • Period: Ongoing – 10 – 15% discount off all in-store purchases
  • Sign-up required: No – Military ID card must be presented
  • Website: Abercrombie & Fitch military discount

Abercrombie & Fitch is an American icon in casual wear. The company was founded in Ohio over 130 years ago and currently has over 850 stores across the United States. The military discount offered is generous but limited to active-duty personnel and is only available for in-store purchases.

7. Adidas

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, spouses, and dependents
  • Redemption Type: In-store, online, and factory outlets
  • Period: Ongoing – 30% discount online and in-store. 20% discount at factory outlets
  • Sign-up required: Create an ID.Me Account online
  • Website: Adidas military discount

Adidas offers a great range of discounts to military personnel and all front-line workers and responders. This famous sports apparel brand leaves no stone unturned to reward military personnel for their service. You need to verify your details online at the link above and then use the unique discount code generated to earn discounts at checkout.

8. Columbia Sportswear

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, reserves, national guard, spouses, and dependents
  • Redemption Type: Online and in-store
  • Period: Ongoing – Current offer is 20% off purchases. It changes periodically, so keep on checking for updates
  • Sign-up required: Create an ID.Me Account online
  • Website: Columbia Sportswear military discount

Columbia Sportswear offers a wide range of stylish sportswear for everyone in the family. Whether you’re into hiking, hunting, or river rafting, Columbia has you covered from head to toe. The discount amount offered fluctuates, so it is essential to keep checking so you can make use of the current promotion discount amount on offer.

9. Eddie Bauer

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, spouse or dependent
  • Redemption Type: In-store
  • Period: Ongoing –10% discount
  • Sign-up required: No – Valid military or retiree ID, badge, or official certification required
  • Website: Eddie Bauer Military Discount

The iconic Eddie Bauer store has been around since 1920 and continues to deliver cutting-edge sports and outdoor apparel to its customers. The 10% discount offer is only in-store and cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts. However, it is applicable on sale items, so long as the item isn’t marked down by more than 50%.

10. Timberland

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, reservists, National Guard, spouse or dependents
  • Redemption Type: Online purchases only
  • Period: Ongoing –10% discount – can be used once every 30 days
  • Sign-up required: No – Verification must be done through SheerID to receive a promo code
  • Website: Timberland Military Discount

Although Timberland is famous for its outstanding range of comfortable footwear, it also has an extensive range of clothing. Take note that this military discount is only available online and doesn’t cover all their products, so be sure to get your discount code and ensure that the products you have selected qualify for the discount.

The 10% discount can be used once every 30 days, but you will need to apply for a new promo code each time you want to make a purchase. However, the process is quick, and you only have to log in and verify your credentials.

11. NBA Store

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, spouses, and immediate family
  • Redemption Type: Online purchases only
  • Period: Ongoing – 15% discount
  • Sign-up required: No – Verify eligibility on the widget on the checkout page
  • Website: NBA Store Military Discount

The NBA Store is a famous chain that sells merchandise for the National Basketball Association. The brand takes sportswear and its marketing to the next level, so it is nice to know that they also support the sacrifices made by our military by offering them a discount. The physical stores are often elaborate and an entertainment experience in themselves.


To make a purchase and get your discount, shop at and then click the ‘Troop’ ID button. Once you have verified your military status, the 15% discount will be automatically loaded to items that qualify for the discount. This military offer cannot be combined with any other promo codes or used to purchase gift cards.

12. Levi’s Stores

  • Available to: Active duty or military personnel who have served in the US Armed Services
  • Redemption Type: Online purchases
  • Period: Ongoing – 15% discount on selected apparel
  • Sign-up required: No – Eligibility must be verified before a promo code will be provided
  • Website: Levi’s Military Discount

Whether you’re shopping for quality jeans or the trademark logo, Levi’s has military families covered. Unlike many other military discounts, Levi’s military discount can be used on sale items or even to purchase gift cards. So, if you are eligible for the deduction and shop during peak sale periods, you could end up with some outstanding bargains.

The military discount at Levi Stores only applies to online purchases. Only one discount is applicable per order, and the entire order must be dispatched to a single address.

13. Carhartt

  • Available to: Active duty, veterans, retired military, spouses, and immediate family
  • Redemption Type: Online and in-store purchases
  • Period: Ongoing – 25% discount on apparel and accessories
  • Sign-up required: No – Verify eligibility on the widget and follow the steps to get the discount. A valid military ID must be shown at checkout if you are shopping in a physical store
  • Website: Carhartt Military Discount

We have saved the best for last. If you are in the military and are not yet a Carhartt customer, it’s time to go and check them out. This retailer, which does have several physical stores, is a proud supporter of our armed forces and first responders.

Carhartt prides itself on putting ‘America’s backbone front and center.’ The company offers a massive 25% discount on a quality range of apparel. If you are shopping in one of their outlets, you will need a valid DoD identification card to qualify for this discount. The military discount cannot be used for sale or clearance items.

Does Walmart Offer Military Discount?

Despite being one of the giants in the US retail industry, Walmart does not offer any military discounts. However, it’s not all bad, as the company does support our military by actively hiring returning veterans and military spouses.

Which Stores Offer The Best Military Discounts On Clothing?

Carhartt offers a 25% discount to eligible military personnel on qualifying purchases. This offer is applicable online and in-store, so it is extremely generous.

Other clothing stores that offer great discounts to our military heroes are Abercrombie & Fitch and Adidas. Kohls and Target offer excellent seasonal discounts to military families that coincide with Independence Day and Veterans Day.

Why Do Military Get Discounts?

Many companies offer military discounts to recognize the sacrifices military personnel and their families have made in our country’s service. It is a gesture to show gratefulness and recognition to these brave men and women.


Military discounts also offer some financial relief to veterans or retired service members who may be living on a fixed income. In addition, offering military discounts also adds to a company’s positive image among consumers. We all want to support our military personnel, and offering them a discount is a small gesture to say thank you.

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