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You’ve probably heard about Amazon’s No-Rush digital rewards if you’re a regular Amazon shopper. However, this Amazon service is aimed at Amazon Prime members. By regularly shopping at Amazon and selecting the no-rush shipping option, you can earn rewards on Amazon digital products. These digital rewards can be used for digital products like music, eBooks, and movie rentals.


Amazon No-Rush digital rewards are earned through a delayed shipping process. The customer chooses free no, rush shopping when checking out. Amazon applies a discount immediately to the current order or automatically adds a reward to your account once your order ships. You can check your balance of No-Rush digital rewards here.

Amazon No-Rush rewards work well if you regularly shop on Amazon. The items you may not need urgently can be shipped with the No-Rush option, while a few of your other orders can be shipped within the standard two-day period. Unfortunately, although this sounds like an excellent deal, many consumers aren’t excited about Amazon’s No-Rush digital rewards.

What Rewards Do You Get?

With Amazon No-Rush digital rewards, you get offers between $1 and $3 towards purchases in a specific category. Once you select the no-rush shipping, your reward is available to be used on your next purchase or applied immediately. Generally, Amazon sends you an email with the details of the reward earned, how to redeem the reward and when the reward expires.

These rewards can be redeemed for digital products only. Unfortunately, the limitations of only offering rewards for digital products have left consumers less interested in the no-rush shipping option.


Below is a list of Amazon digital items that you can spend your rewards on:

  • Kindle
  • Amazon app store apps
  • eBooks
  • Digital music
  • Videos

Are No-Rush Rewards Only For Digital Rewards?

The terms and conditions with the No-Rush rewards stipulate that rewards can only be used on products sold by amazon digital services. This basically means that the rewards earned will not be able to be redeemed when purchasing products by third parties, even if they may be fulfilled by Amazon.

For a while, Amazon offered rewards on products and for Prime Pantry. However, today Amazon only seems to provide digital rewards. On Amazon’s site, under the No-Rush rewards section, it stipulates that rewards can be redeemed for digital products, not physical products or pantry products.

Digital rewards include mp3s, video rentals, and eBooks or apps from the Amazon store. Many of the digital products cost under $5. You can access music, eBooks, or movies by collecting a few of these digital rewards. For example, Amazon movies cost between $3 and $6, and some rentals on sale are even cheaper, so even with a $1 discount, you may be able to rent a movie.

How Do You Use The Rewards?

To use Amazon No-Rush digital rewards, you need to have an Amazon Prime account. Generally, Amazon offers a 30-day trial of their Prime membership, including free delivery, access to their Prime streaming, and other deals. The Prime membership cost is $14.99 per month, excluding tax. They also offer an annual subscription which is currently $139 excluding tax.

Once you have a Prime account, you can start earning rewards through no-rush shipping. To use the Amazon No-Rush rewards, you need to log in to your Amazon account. Then, you can view your rewards balance and use your rewards to purchase items like eBooks, digital music, and apps from the Amazon store which are the only items that will qualify. The rewards will be applied at checkout.


Step by step process on using Amazon No-Rush rewards:

  1. Visit the Amazon website. Visit the Amazon site and log into your Amazon Prime account using your username and password.
  2. Search for the qualifying digital product you want to purchase. Locate the search box and type in the product you are searching for.
  3. Confirm the item you want to purchase. Next, confirm the product you would like to buy and add it to your cart in the search results.
  4. Apply the Amazon No-Rush reward. Once the shopped item has been added to your shopping cart, navigate to your cart and select the option to apply your Amazon No-Rush rewards. You should see the reward deducted from the amount automatically.

Do No-Rush Rewards Expire?

When you purchase a product on Amazon and opt for no-rush shipping, your reward is emailed to your inbox. There is information on how to redeem your reward and when your reward expires in this email. When you log into your Amazon account, you can review this information and navigate to your No-Rush rewards summary dashboard.

Amazon also sends an email reminder just before your reward expires (depending on the reward).

Many consumers may be unaware that these rewards have an expiration date. With rewards like these, they are more than likely to only last a couple of months and rarely extend to a year. Unfortunately, most people forget that these rewards have an expiration date, and when they want to use them, the reward has already expired.

Can You Stack No-Rush Rewards?

You can stack with promo codes, gift cards and other promotions generally. In theory, you could stack only Amazon No-Rush rewards. Stacking Amazon No-Rush rewards can be done if you time the expiration dates correctly. For example, if you regularly purchase and use the no-rush shipping option, you could collect the rewards for a couple of months and use them to get Amazon music or video downloads.

Generally, you could stack up to $6 in Amazon digital rewards before they expire. However, the best way to keep track of your rewards and their expiration date is via your No-Rush dashboard on the Amazon website.

Amazon may monitor your account activity, and actions like stacking may have specific terms and conditions, so people cannot take advantage of incentives like no-rush shipping. Stacking can still be done, but items bought one at a time just to earn rewards should be avoided. Instead, collect one or two.


Does Amazon Flag Prime Member’s Accounts With Digital Rewards?

A few Amazon Prime consumers reported that their No-Rush discounts disappeared or were no longer offered. Many assumed that this was because they lived in a rural location. While others suspected that it was because there was no Amazon store nearby.

However, this is incorrect; Amazon monitors activity that seems out of the ordinary. Especially if customers purchase one product at a time and have multiple orders consisting of only one product just to earn rewards.

These accounts often have their no-rush rewards put on hold. This is because there’s a possibility that the consumer has used their limit in rewards. And a temporary hold on their No-Rush shipping has been placed on their account.

Besides the above reasons, there have been numerous reports from customers that their No-Rush shipping rewards simply disappear.

Are No-Rush Rewards Only For U.S Customers?

Currently, Amazon No-Rush rewards are limited to people living in the U.S. Besides this option being limited to people living in the U.S, there isn’t a different rewards program for those living outside the U.S. This is definitely a major drawback for people who want an Amazon Prime account that live in another country.

Amazon Prime also has restrictions on content and is customized per country.

Do They Increase By Purchasing More Products?

When selecting the no-rush shipping option, frequent Amazon shoppers know how to look carefully at their cart at checkout. However, the best time to shop to earn digital rewards is on or shortly after ‘Amazon Day.’ This takes place once a week and guarantees that you will receive a $1 digital reward for no-rush shipping.

Secondly, purchasing two items will get you credit if you’d like to earn No-Rush credit. On single product items, you may not receive a reward. When purchasing three products, the reward is around $1.50, and on 4 or more items, you could receive a reward of $2. During the holidays the rewards are usually higher or during congested times like a pandemic, holiday or other demanding times.

Even if you purchase two of the same products, the $1 Amazon No-Rush credit will be applied to your account. The amount of credit earned can vary based on your account. Some users have reported just adding a single product to their cart, and through no-rush shipping, they were still able to get the $1 reward.


How To Use For Movie Rentals?

If you have recently shopped on Amazon and earned a digital reward, you may be considering using this reward towards a movie rental. To redeem your digital reward, visit Amazon Prime Video and search for movies and TV series you would be interested in renting.

Select a movie or tv series you’d like to rent. Next, check your credit balance, select ‘more purchase options, and then select ‘redeem a gift or promotional code.’ Finally, enter or apply your digital reward to your rental. Then, your rental will be ready for you to use. If you checkout right away, it will be auto-applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few more questions regarding Amazon digital rewards. Many consumers opt for the Amazon Prime account because of the numerous benefits but some of the rewards and features of having a Prime account can be challenging to understand for consumers. For example, Amazon offered instant discounts on products for a brief period, and these offers were not limited to digital products.

This change left consumers confused about what rewards they would be receiving when selecting the no-rush shipping option at checkout. The below questions help provide clarity on the no-rush rewards system.

When Can You Use Your Amazon Digital Rewards?

You can use your Amazon No-Rush digital rewards after your order ships. Your reward will be accessible via your Amazon prime dashboard. Amazon will also email you with the details of your reward and provide information on when your reward expires and how to redeem it.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible To Receive Rewards?

All US-based customers that shop with Amazon can be eligible to receive discounts, but Amazon Prime members benefit from being able to earn rewards. Unfortunately, if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, you will not be able to receive any Amazon No-Rush digital rewards.

Can I Choose Between A Discount Or A Reward?

Amazon reserves the right to issue the customer with either a reward or an instant discount. The customer is prohibited from choosing between a reward or an instant discount. However, a reward is often given, and the value is between $1 and $3 per reward.

The Downside To No-Rush Digital Rewards

Like most retailers, Amazon has had to adapt and implement changes to their current shopping experience to adjust to the changing retail market. Today, consumers are looking to purchase everything online more than ever before. This requires more warehouses and more shipping resources.

There are alternatives like collecting your parcel or no-rush shipping to elevate the stress on shipping. This allows time to deliver rush orders and retailers like Amazon to operate effectively. This, however, comes at a small cost to the consumer.

If purchasing something online, you’d like it to be delivered as soon as possible. But with, the no-rush shipping option entices consumers to delay their shipping and, in return, receive a reward.

Are Amazon No-Rush Rewards Worth It?

Getting a $1 digital reward for items purchased on Amazon does not seem worthwhile. The main reason why consumers have an Amazon Prime account is for the fast shipping. There appears to be little value in extending the shipping date.

While any reward prompts more purchases, the downside is that you can only use these on Amazon digital products. The rewards are minimal, and even if purchasing a digital product, it won’t make much difference in the total cost you would be paying for the product. Paying for a Prime membership only to choose no-rush shipping seems to defeat the purpose of having a Prime account.

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