Amazon Kindle Return Policy Guide

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The Kindle Store is an online e-book store headed by Amazon as part of its retail website. You can access the store from any Amazon Kindle, Fire tablet, or Kindle mobile application.


If you accidentally ordered a book you don’t want on Kindle you can cancel the order within seven days of purchasing. Amazon can refund you through the original payment source within a few days. If you have logged a lot of return requests in the past, Amazon might block you from doing so again.

Let’s look at which items you can return, how to return them, and more details regarding the Kindle Store’s return policy.

Kindle Store’s Return Policy

The Kindle return policy is more strict then the general Amazon return policy because it is a digital product. You can cancel a book order within seven days of purchase. You will be unable to receive a refund after seven days have elapsed. If, by any chance, you have a lot of refund requests, Amazon might block your ability to request a refund. However, you can easily address this issue by contacting customer service. The only valid reason to return an e-book is for accidental purchase.

Usually, it takes a few days to get a refund on your purchase. This is why it is important to log a return as soon as possible since the refund needs to be processed.


The refund amount will be returned to the original source of payment. It takes around three to five business days to return the funds when a book is purchased.

If you purchased a book with an Amazon gift card, it might take only up to three hours for the funds to be returned. This is because there are no banks involved, and the money is moved digitally.

If you purchased via a debit card, Amazon could take up to 10 business days to return the funds.

In certain cases, Amazon might return your funds if seven days have passed and you haven’t opened the book. Remember, Amazon can track how much of the Kindle book you have read.

However, there will be no button for this. In this case, you need to chat with a customer service agent. You need to make a good case for why you need a refund after the 7-day mark has passed.

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes/No
Kindle DeviceYes

How To Return A Kindle Ebook

Follow these easy steps to get a refund for an e-book on Kindle through any internet browser:


  1. Visit and log in to your Amazon account that you used to purchase the book. Then visit your Account & Lists page and hit “Orders”. This will take you to your online orders to see your purchase history. You can do this via any browser.
  2. Go to your digital orders (this link is among the other order types at the top of the orders page) to see all the books you’ve purchased.
  3. Books that are eligible for return will have a “Return for Refund” button that you can click on next to the title.
  4. Click on this button next to the book you want to return. This button is available for each book you have purchased within the previous seven days. Ensure your AdBlock extension is turned off for the window that needs to pop up.
  5. If your AdBlock extension is turned off, a window will pop up. Select the reason for your return. There will be different reasons listed; among them is “accidental purchase,” which is the only one available to receive a refund.

You can also return a book through Kindle. However, this is only if you immediately realize you’ve made a wrong purchase while the pop-up window is still visible.

After purchasing the book, a pop-up window will appear. Go to the bottom right corner and select “Cancel Order.”

If you have any questions regarding the process of returning an item, you can contact Amazon for more information.

Reason For Being Unable To Return For A Refund on Kindle

If you can’t find the option to return for a refund on a title you purchase, your book is not eligible for a return, so you cannot be refunded. There are a few reasons why this might happen:

  1. Your seven days are up. You can only return a book for a refund within seven days after purchase.
  2. Amazon has blocked your ability to return a book for a refund. If you make too many refund requests, amazon can block you from future returns. You can solve this by contacting customer service.
  3. You have already engaged with the book you are attempting to return. You cannot return a book if you have already read a significant portion thereof.

Returning Borrowed Books On Kindle

You can also borrow books on Kindle when subscribing to Amazon Prime Reading. These books can be returned after reading like you would at a library. These books are automatically returned after your lending period. However, you can return it before that.

Go to Amazon’s website and the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page. Go to the book title in the “Your Content” list, select the actions icon. Click on “Return this book” that appears in the pop-up window. Click on “Yes” to confirm and return the book.

Abusing Kindle’s Return Policy

Some people might abuse the policy by reading the books within seven days and then return them for a refund. However, besides that, you will be stealing from the authors; Amazon can track how much you have read the book. If you have read a significant portion of the book, Amazon will not refund you.


If you log a lot of requests for refunds, Amazon can block you from making future returns. However, you can contact customer service to correct the issue if you truly made an accidental purchase.

Return Your Accidental Purchases With No Hassle!

Amazon’s return policy is pretty straightforward. You can return books within seven days if you have made an accidental purchase. This can be done through your digital order list.

There are instances where Amazon will accept a return if the seven days have passed if you have not read a significant portion of the book. However, it is best to request a refund as quickly as possible to avoid delays.

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