FAKE ALERT: FREE Moro Cosmetics Samples

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Freebie hunters, take note about a possible fake deal/ fake freebie site plus form offering free Moro Cosmetics. This is highly likely a phishing scam, which means you would be giving out your personal details to dishonest scammers.


Here is the URL for reference but I strongly suggest not signing up: https://morocosmetics.com/free-samples

Why I think this one is fake:

  1. 10/14/19 Update: When you fill out the form it now says “You’re almost finished! Would you like to get a surprise gift in the mail?

    If you click on the button below and complete an offer or survey, we’ll send you an additional surprise gift. Our system has already captured your shipping information.

    How are we supposed to send free stuff to you without losing money? Sponsors help us to do just that. Thank you for understanding.” This is confirmation that this is a fake website designed to only make money. If you hit “Continue” it takes you down endless affiliated offers for surveys/random websites that just sell your information and give the fake website owner a few cents/dollars in profit. So this is now a confirmed fake in light of this new information (as expected; once it got traction on freebie sites the scammy money making offer like this one or advertisements show up).

  2. On the contact us page the characters for certain cities are in Russian, so, yeah that is where your personal information is likely going to, a Russian citizen or someone in Eastern Europe:
  3. It looks very similar to previous offers that have had a very “light” website and no social media presence (in this day and age? come on!)
  4. There is no way or option to buy this product and yet they are offering samples, what is the point? Likely to collect your personal information, aka phishing.
  5. Email address times out (tested with https://verifalia.com/validate-email) so you cannot conduct business by contacting them or calling them.
  6. It was registered on July 5th 2019 (verify it here).
  7. It just doesn’t sit right in the gut. It’s hard to tell 100% if this is fake, but when this is a confirmed fake you’ll start getting emails from weird freebie sites with the email you signed up for, and they will throw advertising on it once other freebie sites “cover” this freebie. There doesn’t seem to be a real company selling Moro Cosmetics anywhere that I could find. This follows the playbook of other fakes from what I have dubbed the webseo fake freebie network.

As usual with fake freebies, avoid them! If you see them on other websites, do not sign up. Signing up with these kinds of sites can mean you get spam mail, spam emails, sketchy links from fake PayPal/Amazon/other websites, and worst case scenario – can fall victim to identity theft. Don’t trust links that ask for your password or any personal information, ever. Thank you for reading my fake freebie rant. You can see other fake alerts or freebie updates here as well.

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

* Real freebies are great… Fake freebies just put you at risk of being phished or hacked, so avoid at all costs.

FAKE ALERT: FREE Moro Cosmetics Samples

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