FAKE ALERT: Argan Essence Freebies Are All 100% Fake

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Argan Essence has been making the rounds on freebies sites and forums and it’s upsetting me that people are falling for fake freebies, again. It looks exactly like many other fake freebies from what I call the “WebSEO Fake Freebie Network” (previous fakes here). It’s operated by the Russian website, freesamplesmail dot com which has a history of using fake freebies to boost their Google search rankings. While for the most part these are harmless for most folks, you never know what these people will do with your information. You can expect plenty of spam email at least.


Here is the URL if you want to follow along, however I urge you not to share your information with this website: http://argan-essence.com/product-promotion/bath-foam-sample/ – there are likely many other URLs on this site offering ‘free stuff’ as well.

Let’s dig into why this is a fake

  1. The first red flag for any freebie is all the advertising on the site.
  2. This one was registered January 21st 2018 this year. Not a red flag it’s fake but not a good sign.
  3. There is no contact us, privacy, terms or any other information pages. Any real business would have social media pages and actual information about the business, ways to contact them and so on.
  4. “Argan Essence” isn’t sold anywhere I can find. The point of a sampling program is to get people to “try before you buy” and if you can’t buy… then why offer samples? Well, for profit and gaming Google rankings, that is why!
  5. Lastly the hard proof here that you have to verify yourself (I can’t share for many reasons). Go to freesamplesmail dot com and find the advertising ID number by right clicking and viewing the source code, then match it to the advertising ID number on argan-essence dot com (only on the freebie pages with ads). You’ll notice they both match. Well imagine that, looks like Argan Essence is operated by a freebie site which 100% proves my theory that this site is fake and it’s operated by a freebie site to game their Google rankings. Check it out yourself and you’ll see the hard proof.

I think we can safely say this is fake. Avoid it. If you signed up for this one, my hunch is you’ll start getting emails from freesamplesmail dot com and other spammy emails. I strongly suggest you unsubscribe and report that email as spam or add filters to avoid them from coming into your mailbox. Not too bad, but it’s not a good sign it’s a real freebie at all. Worst case is you’ll get sketchy links from fake PayPal/Amazon/other websites. Don’t trust links that ask for your password or any personal information, ever. Thank you for reading my fake freebie rant.

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

FAKE ALERT: Argan Essence Freebies Are All 100% Fake

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