FAKE ALERT: Ample Cable Samples

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FAKE ALERT: Ample Cable Samples

Freebie hunters, take note of a fake deal from Ample Cable offering free samples of USB chargers and other products. The most suspicious aspect of this offer is that there is no straightforward way to actually conduct legitimate business with them – the whole thing appears to be a front.

Here is the URL for reference but I strongly suggest not signing up: https://amplecable.com/free-cable-sample

Why I think this one is fake:

  1. It has been registered for over a year and it was recently “Updated Date: 2020-05-03T12:33:30Z” — around the time this sample offer has made the rounds on social media and other freebie sites according to whois.net
  2. The website/company has no social media at all. Sometimes a sign of a new business, but usually a stinky red flag for a fake freebie.
  3. There appears to be no way to really do any business besides the samples being offered. Why offer a sample if you can’t drive any real business afterwards? Big big red flag.
  4. Whenever you see this popup after a form, it’s fake and confirms it being fake 100%. This popup sends you to an affiliate offer which is clearly the intention of the “free sample” here- it’s a very likely to be fraudulent offer designed to make money off your desire for a free item.
  5. The address doesn’t exist, it’s just a fake suite number attached to a real business address. The actual address links to Woodland Park Pet Resort-Training. Yeah, I think the dogs ate all the free cable samples.

As usual with fake freebies, avoid them! If you see them on other websites, do not sign up. Signing up with these kinds of sites can mean you get spam mail, spam emails, sketchy links from fake PayPal/Amazon/other websites, and worst case scenario – can fall victim to identity theft. Don’t trust links that ask for your password or any personal information, ever. Thank you for reading my fake freebie rant. You can see other fake alerts or freebie updates here as well.

-John ‘Samples’ Clark

* Real freebies are great… Fake freebies just put you at risk of being phished or hacked, so avoid at all costs.

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by on May 13th, 2020