FAKE ALERT: Adra Soap Sample

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Freebie hunters beware that there is a fake offer for free Adra Soap Samples doing the rounds. Though the idea of free beauty and hygiene samples is very tempting, please be careful and avoid this website at all costs. The details below show that this is a fake offer and likely just a front for a phishing scam.


Here is the URL if you want to follow along, however I urge you not to share your information with this website: https://adrasoap.com/free-sample/ 

Let’s dig into why this is likely to be a fake:

  1. The biggest red flag is that there is no way to shop the products – no way to add to cart or place an order. What is the point of a business that doesn’t even make its products easily available to purchase? They have a section on the website for Wholesale, but there are no links or ways to add any of the products to a cart. A sure sign that the website is a front. 
  2. This supposedly free offer has been floating around for years and nothing has ever come from it. There are no reports of people actually receiving the free sample. 
  3. The website has not been updated in about 2 years. 
  4. There is no company information on the website, and the address they give on the website is actually a strip mall which doesn’t have a shop called “Adra Soaps”. They also have at least 2 totally different addresses listed, which is very suspicious.  
  5. There are far too many clickbait advertisements on the web page. Any page with advertising like this isn’t looking to get you to sample first and buy later. It’s meant to make money off you immediately, and repeat that with the next person who clicks on their fake sample page. 

I am confident to say this is just a phishing scam that this freebie will never, ever come. If you signed up for this one, the worst case is you’ll get some spam mail, spam email and perhaps some sketchy links from fake PayPal/Amazon/other websites. Don’t trust links that ask for your password or any personal information, ever. Thank you for reading my fake freebie rant.

FAKE ALERT: Adra Soap Sample

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