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Have you been seeing news articles or videos about computers making weird art creations? Do you love digital art but don’t know where to begin? Create your very own digital artworks in seconds by using these state of the art, free text to image art generators! Most of these are free up to a certain usage per month, or entirely free. If you are less technical, DALL-E/DreamStudio/Craiyon and Midjourney are great free (but limited) options. If you are more technical with a decent graphics card, I would highly suggest stable diffusion. See the full list below.


Here’s a list of free image to text generators and how to use them:

  1. Playground AI: Playground AI is a powerful tool for creating graphics using AI and text. It is available for free to all users who must sign in using a Google account. Free account allows you to create up to 1,000 images per day. In addition to this, users are also able to use these images commercially. Playground AI offers additional features such as in-painting, which is not available on other similar platforms. Overall, Playground AI is one of the best free resources for those looking to harness the power of AI in their graphics and image creation.
  2. DALL-E: DALL-E (technically DALL-E-2) offers high quality images generated from text input, it’s mind blowing. They used to have a waiting list but you can now join for free and get a limited amount of credits for free each month to generate images to your hearts desire. And the best of all, the are commercially licensed so you can use them anywhere.
  3. DreamStudio Stability AI: All you have to do is create an account with email or by signing up through Google or Discord. This great open source software gives users 200 free credits when they sign up, and after that you can purchase 100 generations for $1.18 or buy 10,000 generations for $117.76.
  4. Craiyon: This is a free online app. Simply type what you would like to see and watch the AI generate your image. It does include ads.  
  5. Midjourney: You will need discord to sign in or create an account to enjoy this software. Be sure to also check the guide to getting started and following the guidelines. For now, beta users will receive about 25 free images. After that you’ll have to pay $10/month for 200 images per month, or a standard membership of $30/ month for unlimited use.
  6. PolliNations AI: PolliNations uses multiple platforms to create a variety of different content forms. Go here, enter your text and hit “Create” to see your art work come to life. 
  7. Wombo Dream Art: Choose the style of art you would like to create with Wombo Dream Art! Simply go here, choose the style of art you prefer, and enter your text. Then hit “Create” to start generating your art. Create an account to explore a depth of options including minting your art as NFTs (which auto-publishes) and even buying high quality prints of your art. 
  8. Pixray: Pixray runs predictions to create your text to image art. It can be as straightforward as just entering a word as a prompt you can choose to input extra values. 
  9. NightCafe Studio AI Art Generator: Choose your favorite styles of art to create your text to image works of art. You get 5 free credits and each generation costs 1 credit. You can buy more credits starting from $7.99 for 40 credits.  
  10. StarryAI: You will need to create an account with Google or Apple to get started. The cool thing is that you get 5 free credits every 24 hours, and can buy more credits to unlock premium features, such as access to all canvas sizes, no ads etc. 
  11. DALL-E Mini: DALL-E Mini migrated to Craiyon (see above) and is free to use, and easy to use too.
  12. RuDALL E: A great text to image app for Russian,which also has a bot in Discord, where you can generate pictures and see the generations of other users! 
  13. Want to try more generators? You can search the reddit list here, or search Hugging Face by Diffusion, by Dalle or with a text to image search

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