FREE Slice Of Stock Worth Up To $50 From Public

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FREE Slice Of Stock Worth Up To $50 From Public

Get your own slice of a major companies stock with Public for free; the app that makes the stock market social. You can invest with any amount of money, commission-free, with no fees on trades and no account minimums. Public offers SIPC protection, and securities in your account are protected for up to $500,000. You can also share and read important news, follow other investors, grow your stocks through referrals and more! Get your stock portfolio started today with a free stock.

How to sign up:

  1. Visit the website here.
  2. Install the mobile app on your iOS or Android device (Android wasn’t working at time of writing this).
  3. Start the registration process on your phone.
  4. From here you’ll pick which stock you want a slice of for free and you need to enter your personal information and verify it. This is where they need your social security number. They may do a soft pull of your Experian credit report to verify your identity and according to Experian, this will not affect your credit score.
  5. Once you have created your account, you will be asked to link to your bank. You do not have to do this now, so you can skip this and still get your free stock. You will have to link later when you want to sell or cash out.
  6. Once you are approved you’ll get notification and the free stock you picked will show up under your account page.
  7. It can take a business day or two to get approved and receive your stock, but it could take longer, it took us about 2 days to get approved over a weekend. From there you can keep it or sell it (and withdraw the money after). That’s it, enjoy your free stock!
  8. And, if this is something that interests you, you can get more free stocks here!

* US only. Social security number required. Full terms and conditions apply.

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by on June 3rd, 2020