FREE Box Of Big Brand Samples From Influenster’s VoxBox Program [Verified Received By Mail]

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FREE Box Of Big Brand Samples From Influenster’s VoxBox Program [Verified Received By Mail]

I just started to test Influenster’s VoxBox program out so pardon any errors. From first glance, Influenster’s VoxBox looks legitimate yet not as good as Social Nature / PINCHme / Smiley360 and other similar programs. And that is how it feels after my first experience with them so far but time will tell. You have to go through a bunch of hoops like connecting your social media accounts to improve your “Impact Score” and answering a ton of questions. If you don’t mind the initial setup time of a few minutes to half an hour then Influenster sends out a VoxBox full of big brand samples monthly to qualified folks which is a pretty great reward.

How to get free VoxBox:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Register for an account and connect your social media accounts (as many as you can) which will improve your chances of getting a VoxBox (they said in the welcome email this is an important factor).
  3. Now, you’ll be taken to “Snaps” which is a seemingly endless set of questions to help them understand your shopping habits and so on (also to help qualify you for specific freebies, like cat owners may get cat food freebies for example).
  4. Finally, the boring part, keep filling out snaps and campaign requests until you get a VoxBox request via email!

* Account required. Impact Score and other factors determine if you get sample box, just signing up does not guarantee any sort of sample box.

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by on April 29th, 2017