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FAKE ALERT: FREE Naturale Bisou Body Lotion

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FAKE ALERT: FREE Naturale Bisou Body Lotion

In an effort to increase awareness so you avoid signing up for fake freebies I’m going to start posting separate “fake” posts. But I’ll only do it when I see a “widely spread” one. “Widely spread” meaning I see it shared across most of the other sites out there which is usually rare, otherwise I’ll keep to calling fake freebies out in my freebie updates here. This lotion was everywhere so I really wanted to make a separate post about it. I could be wrong though, I used their contact form to see if I can get more information, not feeling hopeful though.
-John ‘Samples’ Clark

Why I think this one is fake:

  1. The domain was registered on 11-26-2016, that is a few days ago. Over the past year I’ve never gotten any freebies from websites that have been registered within the a month.
  2. No social media presence, what website would ‘launch’ without social media these days?
  3. Lastly, nearly all the images are “mock ups” you can easily slap a logo on like this one.
  4. It also looks like the design from coffeebybree.com from this time last year, if you go to that website not it’s a parked advertisement page. They never “launched” as promised.
  5. URL so you can avoid it like the plague: http://naturalebisou.com/

* Fake freebies are known to induce sadness and fear of being hacked, avoid at all costs.

If you are seeing this text, it means this content was stolen from YoFreeSamples.com. Sign up for REAL source of these free samples, freebies and money saving tips here.

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by on December 1st, 2016