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Sample Update: Dude Wipes, Fakes, And Fakes And More Fakes

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Sample Update: Dude Wipes, Fakes, And Fakes And More Fakes

Here is the latest sample updates. Sorry to say but there is not any good news in this update.

Freebies that aren’t going to come anymore:

  • No dice for the DUDE wipes free sample, I got past the form successfully but recently got this email saying they ran out and offered me 50% off coupon. That is unfortunate as I was excited to try it. Least I know where I can wipe that coupon… *Ahem*

Fakes, so many fakes this week:

  1. Free Ringtonica Tea: This is a fake (http://ringtonica.com/tea_bag.html), if you see a pop up say “Can You Help Us?” after you sign up for a freebie, that is a red flag it’s an absolutely fake sample and it will not come. I hate these with a passion.
  2. Free West Coast Nutrition Samples: Another fake (https://www.facebook.com/westcoastnutritionshop/app/203351739677351/) that shows the exact sample “Can You Help Us?” red flag. Run away from this one. They also haven’t posted in their Facebook page in awhile.
  3. Free Re-usable Folding Cup: A folding up? The site just smells fake: http://variouspackaging.com/sample.php – run from this one. Also reported on many forums to be fake.
  4. Free Buddylicious Dog Treats: Anything that takes you to a weebly.com site without any copyright, contact information, etc… is very likely to be fake, just don’t even bother with this one. URL is here so you can avoid: http://buddylicioustreats.weebly.com/free-sample.html
  5. Free Paintedtherapeutics Optimum Face Wash: Known scammer that is hijacking a real brand that is unable to shut this page down. URL to avoid like the plague: https://www.facebook.com/Paintedtherapeutics-Optimum-15-Vitamin-C-Face-Wash-148380145362086/app/?sk=app_190322544333196

That is all I have for the update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at freebie-updates@yofreesamples.com

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by on March 17th, 2016