Sample Update: Dude Wipes, Fakes, And Fakes And More Fakes

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Here is the latest sample updates. Sorry to say but there is not any good news in this update.


Freebies that aren’t going to come anymore:

  • No dice for the DUDE wipes free sample, I got past the form successfully but recently got this email saying they ran out and offered me 50% off coupon. That is unfortunate as I was excited to try it. Least I know where I can wipe that coupon… *Ahem*

Fakes, so many fakes this week:

  1. Free Ringtonica Tea: This is a fake (, if you see a pop up say “Can You Help Us?” after you sign up for a freebie, that is a red flag it’s an absolutely fake sample and it will not come. I hate these with a passion.
  2. Free West Coast Nutrition Samples: Another fake ( that shows the exact sample “Can You Help Us?” red flag. Run away from this one. They also haven’t posted in their Facebook page in awhile.
  3. Free Re-usable Folding Cup: A folding up? The site just smells fake: – run from this one. Also reported on many forums to be fake.
  4. Free Buddylicious Dog Treats: Anything that takes you to a site without any copyright, contact information, etc… is very likely to be fake, just don’t even bother with this one. URL is here so you can avoid:
  5. Free Paintedtherapeutics Optimum Face Wash: Known scammer that is hijacking a real brand that is unable to shut this page down. URL to avoid like the plague:

That is all I have for the update today! Do you have any updates to contribute, send me an email at [email protected]

Sample Update: Dude Wipes, Fakes, And Fakes And More Fakes

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