Free Things on the Internet Everyone Should Take Advantage Of

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People will do almost anything for freebies, and the easier to get them, the better. Most might be surprised at the abundance of free goods and services they can get their hands on just by hopping on the Internet at the nearest computer, tablet or smartphone. From free chocolate and movies to free movies and even legal advice, it’s available on the Web at no cost. Check out our list of 15 free things on the Internet everyone should take advantage of:

1. Free Godiva Chocolate

Register for Godiva’s free rewards club and receive a free truffle every month.


2. Free ASPCA Pet Safety Kit

To alert rescue workers or neighbors that there are pets inside your house, be sure to visit the ASPCA’s site and request free safety stickers and refrigerator magnets with important emergency numbers..


3. Free Audio-books

At Libri Vox, volunteers record audio-books in the public domain — this means you can download or stream them totally for free. There are plenty of classics, children’s books, poetry and much more.


4. Free Magazines

Visit Value Mags for a full list of free magazine samples and subscriptions.


5. Free Prescription Drugs

Low-income patients can use the RxAssist database to find free medication through drug companies’ patient assistance programs.  You can also get discounts on prescription drugs not covered by insurance with prescription discount cards like this one from Honest Discounts.


6. Free Movie Rentals

Sign up for text alerts from Redbox, and you’ll receive a promo code each month for a free movie rental.

7. Free Language Lessons

Check out for a list of free online lessons you can download to your MP3 player.


8. Free College Classes compiles free open coursework from top-notch universities into more than 200 online classes, and even awards certificates upon completion.


9. Free E-books

At and the University of Pennsylvania’s online books page, you can legally download thousands of books whose copyrights have expired, including obscure titles, as well as classics including War and Peace, Moby Dick and Little Women, and they’re all absolutely free.


10. Free Passport Photos

Instead of paying about $15 at the post office to get your picture taken for your passport, take your own photo with your digital camera, then upload it to, which will help you size it properly before printing on your home printer.


11. Free Office Software

For word processing, spreadsheets and multimedia presentations, try Google Docs. To manage finances, we like the free budgeting program at And for photo and video editing, try Picasa or Pixlr.


12. Free Legal Advice is packed with free advice on a wide range of legal issues, including estate planning, buying or selling real estate, managing a business and more. Not only is Nolo authoritative, but it also clearly explains when your situation calls for hiring a lawyer.


13. Free Documentaries

Sure, Netflix offers an ever-growing assortment of documentaries, but with Documentary Heaven you can stream an endless list of documentaries to your computer, tablet or smartphone, and they’re absolutely free.


14. Free Counseling

7 Cups of Tea offers a completely free way to connect live with a “listener,” and a bounty of free counseling options are available.


15. Free Old-school Video Games

Check out this SNES, NES, and SEGA emulator to relive your pasty glory years at the arcade.


We all love our freebies! What’s the best online freebie you’ve ever gotten your hands on?

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