DEALS ALERT: Home Gadgets On Amazon Today (12/23)


You won’t get these in time for Christmas, but today’s selection of Amazon Deals might include something you want to use some of your Christmas cash (or Amazon Gift Cards) on. I can speak from experience that these deals are good values…having bought them at the regular price over the past year (sigh…).  Problem free and they just work.

Wireless Remote Control Electrical Switches

Confused by the internet of “things” and home automation? Forget all that and use these RFID enabled switches instead.  No internet or wi-fi required, the only issue is that they block the other plug  in a 2 plug outlet.  Use them for nearby lamps, fans, AC or other small appliances (not suitable for heavy wattage devices) and never leave your chair or bed to turn them on or off – all for a mere $25.48.

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LED Lanterns 4 Pack

I’m of the opinion that you can’t have enough flashlights…especially if you live in a power outage prone area. Or you like to camp. These lanterns don’t take up a lot of space but throw a lot of light. And the battery power is great. I left one on overnight accidentally, and it was still burning bright the next morning. And only $19.89 for 4.

  • Adjust amount of light with sliding cover
  • 12 AA Batteries included
  • Note – not waterproof!
  • Get LED Lanterns

Kitchen Scale

For under $11, this is a steal. Lots of weight units (grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms), sturdy construction, easy to wipe down/clean…and small enough to tuck in a cabinet. Good battery life, too. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and I’m still on the first set of batteries.

  • Stainless Steel platform
  • 2 AAA Batteries included
  • Use for baking, cooking or to weigh jewelry
  • Get Kitchen Scale

Touch Control Desk Lamp

I love turning lamps off with a touch of my finger. This lamp does just that – plus it’s rechargeable so you can move it anywhere – no outlet required. But wait…there’s more! You can change the base color based on your decor…or mood. So much usefulness and fun for just under $16.

  • Three brightness setting
  • Power Adapter for wired use
  • Adjustable arm, about 10 inches high overall
  • Get Touch Control Lamp

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by on December 23rd, 2016