DEAL ALERT – Home Organizing Goodies at Amazon – Today Monday 1/9/2017



After the holidays, I’m obsessed with house cleaning and organizing. And I can always count on Amazon to help me find just the right (and inexpensive) whatchamacallit to get things in order. So I took a little time to check out the upcoming deals and found a few goodies I’m keeping an eye on. Since these are upcoming deals, I’ll just have to wait to see the discounted price. Most of these are already at a good price point, but I’m holding out to save a few bucks.

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TubShroom – 8:35pm

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the deal I’m most excited aoubt. I’ve tried every other gadget to keep hair out of drains, and while they work okay, this one is different – and looks like a winner! Just note that these are made for those pop-up type drains that you unscrew from a recessed plate. If that’s your drain, get to Amazon at 8:35 pm tonight (Prime members can order 30 minutes earlier) to save off the regular price of $12.99.

  • 5 colors to choose from!
  • Fits standard 1.5 inch bathtub drains
  • Remove and wipe to clean
  • Get a Tubshroom!

Vacuum Compressed Storage Bags – 5 pm

At $17.99 for 15, these Space Saver bags are already a good deal. They come in 6 different sizes – of which they only provide metric dimensions (hate that…) but the dimensions vary from 20″ to 40″, so they’re generously sized. You can roll out the air, or have the satisfaction of sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner. Includes one roll-up only bag (12″ x 20″) is for travel…since most of us don’t travel with a vacuum cleaner. Deal starts at 5 pm tonight (4:30 pm for Primers…).

  • High quality, flexible plastic
  • Double-Zip Seals and the Triple-Seal Turbo Valves
  • Reduce volume by up to 75%
  • Get Space Saver Bags

Shoe Rack – 5:30 pm

Got shoes? Make that, got too many shoes? Well here’s an easy to assemble, sturdy shoe rack to store them on. What I like about this one is that with some creative stacking and a few boxes or baskets, I’ll be able to pack more than the 24 pairs this rack accommodates. Like I said…got too many shoes. Go to Amazon at 5:30 pm tonight (half hour earlier for Prime members) to check out the discount on this normally $23.99 rack.

  • 40.94″ L x 11.8″ W x 29.1″ – about 7.5 inches between shelves
  • Sturdy, heavy duty plastic construction – won’t buckle
  • Stackabale
  • Shoe Rack Bench

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by on January 9th, 2017