Can You Get Cashback At Publix? How Much Does It Cost?

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Although most of the world’s monetary transactions take place digitally, cash has yet to lose its significance. I’m sure you’ll agree that getting cash back from a store saves time and money! What then about Publix? Can you get cashback at Publix? How much does it cost?


You can get cash back at Publix with a debit card, check, Google & Apple Pay. Debit cards permit you up to $100 cashback and checks, $25. Each store has different cashback limits according to size, locale, and customer traffic. Publix does not charge a withdrawal fee, but some banks do.

Cashback is entirely possible at Publix, but not at every Publix store. Let’s explore why some stores have bigger or smaller cash back limits, why checks net you less cash back, and whether to expect hidden costs.

Can You Get Cashback At Publix? How Much Does It Cost?

It’s entirely possible to get cashback at Publix by making a request at the cashier or selecting the cashback option at the self-checkout machines.

The Publix cashback policy states that you can use your debit card to make purchases and ask for cashback, but using a debit card is not the only viable option – you can get cash back with a check, too. Furthermore, Publix does not charge a fee for debit cards, but there is a $1 fee when you use a check. So, it’s a convenient way to get ahold of cash if it’s urgent!


However, it’s essential to check whether your bank has any fees relating to cashback transactions. It’s not unheard of for banks to charge fees for an “out of network” ATM, so do yourself a favor and double-check to avoid unnecessary charges.

It’s not uncommon for unhappy customers to call in and ask for their money back because they felt Publix lied. In truth, it’s their own bank charging them – so be smart about it!

It’s also worth noting that cashback services are unavailable for credit cards because most credit cards have to pay a percentage commission to their bank or merchant service provider on the additional cash amount.

Using A Self-Checkout Machine For Cashback

These machines will offer different cashback options and amounts according to the store’s size, location, and current cash flow. For example, a small store in a semi-remote area will not receive the same amount of customers as a store situated on the corner of a busy city. Consequently, the available cash will be vastly different, so they cannot offer identical cashback amounts.

Does Publix Have A Cashback Limit?

The maximum cashback limit at Publix is $100. That said, for reasons stated above, Publix stores can set and adjust their limits according to their cash availability. Of course, this also includes the current available cash that cashiers have in their drawers. As a result, some stores can offer you up to $100, while some can only go as high as $50.

Additionally, Publix can also limit the amount for safety and security reasons. Check fraud is more common these days, so Publix decided to minimize its risk by setting a strict limit on cashing checks. Furthermore, it also helps eliminate large sums of cash on the premises and dissuade potential robbers.


How Much Money Do You Need To Spend To Recieve Cashback?

There’s no minimum amount of money you need to spend to request cashback. Instead, you can make your request by only buying one item and paying with your debit card or a check to be eligible for cashback.

Can You Get Cashback At Publix When You Use A Check?

You are more than capable of receiving cash back when you use a check. However, unlike debit cards that offer you up to $100 cashback, utilizing a check only permits you up to $25 cashback. That said, some Publix stores can push that number up to $50, which is the cashback limit for checks.

How Do You Get Cashback At Publix?

You can get cashback at Publix by requesting at the cashier or visiting a self-checkout counter.

Once you inform the cashier that you would like cashback, they will ask whether you plan to use a debit card or check. Afterward, they’ll tell you how much you can withdraw (again, according to the size and locale of the store) and process your request.

If you want to get cashback from one of the self-checkout counters, these are the necessary steps to follow:

  1. Visit your nearest Publix store.
  2. Select at least one item you want to purchase.
  3. Take the item(s) you want to buy to the self-checkout counter.
  4. Scan your item(s).
  5. After scanning, insert your debit card and input your PIN.
  6. When the screen displays the option for cash back, select “Yes.”
  7. Enter the cashback amount that you want.
  8. When you enter an amount within the store’s limit, you will receive your cashback.
  9. Take your cash and remove your debit card.

As you can see, getting cash back at Publix is straightforward, but don’t hesitate to ask an employee if you need any assistance. Withdrawing money from Publix is also free, meaning you won’t pay fees like you typically do at an ATM.

Are Google & Apply Pay Available With Publix Cashback?

Google & Apple have become popular methods for quick and easy payments, and you’ll be happy to know they are viable options for cashback at Publix.


When using Google Pay, you must do so via your debit card before you are eligible to receive cashback. That said, some Publix stores do not accept Google Pay for cashback, so if you don’t see an option, remember to ask one of the employees.

Like Google Pay, you must have a debit card linked to your Apple Pay account before you can get cashback via Apply Pay. Using Apply Pay counts as a contactless payment with your debit card, meaning getting cash back is effortless and doesn’t come with any issues.

However, it’s important to remember that different Publix stores have different cashback policies. While some accept Apple Pay, others may not have the option available. Thus, it’s better to check with the cashier, or you could ask them whether other local stores offer the method you desire.

Is Publix A Reliable Cashback Alternative?

You can get cash back from Publix by using your debit card or a check. While every Publix store has different cashback limits, using a debit card permits up to $100 and a check, $25. Google & Apple Pay are also viable options, but you must have a debit card linked to those accounts.

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