What’s New with the New Food Labels

Does anyone really read food labels? It turns out somewhere between 50% and 60% do read them. And there’s even some research that shows those who do read them tend to be slimmer than those who don’t (hmmm…wonder what my excuse is…).To bump up the percentage of label readers and promote better eating habits, the FDA is proposing some changes to make food labels easier to read.

First change is that they’re adjusting the serving size. All along the calories and nutrition info should have been based on a normal sized portion. But the current portion sizes are from days past when we all ate a lot less of everything. And too many companies now sell items – like a can of soda – to appear as single servings when, based on the old serving size, they’re actually 2 or more servings. So no more making you think you’re eating or drinking less calories than you really are.

Front and center on the label will be an enlarged calorie count. Also enlarged is the number of servings per package. You’ll also find information on added sugars and no more tiny print showing you the counts for average diets. Percentages will be clearer as well so you can easily tell how many carbs, fat, sugar or whatever are included so you can balance the rest of what you eat for the day.

All in all, they should be a lot easier to read so you can make better decisions on what to buy – and how much to serve.

new food labels

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by on March 5th, 2014