Top Money Saving Health Apps

Have you always wanted a heart monitor or pedometer? Who doesn’t want to pay less for meds? And who wouldn’t like their own personal trainer or motivational coach?  Cell phone to the rescue! Try out these popular and mostly free apps that help you save money and promote healthy habits.  Search for these apps in your favorite search engine to find out where to download them.

Prescription Discounts

With prescription saver apps, you not only save on drug costs but you can locate the nearest pharmacy with the drug in stock. Almost every prescription saver app uses the Honest Discounts program. Some include medical dictionaries and drug advice, so check them out. You can find apps for Android and iPhone. No phone? Print out our brand name drug coupons here or sign up for the saver card at Honest Discounts.

Personal Trainer

Why pay for a personal trainer when you can use an app? Vitogo, for iPhone only, walks you through a questionnaire then creates a plan for you to follow. Other apps include Nike Training Club, Runkeeper or Map My Fitness for runners.  Search for “fitness training” in Google Play or iTunes.

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I wish I had know I could have installed an app on my phone before I shelled out the bucks for a pedometer. Accupedo (Android) and All in One Pedometer (iPhone) are two of the more popular (and accurate) apps for this purpose – and the basic versions are free. Read the phone requirements first (Accupedo needs a G-sensor) and keep in mind that since the app is always on, your battery may drain a little faster.

Motivational Coach

Lift is a great app to help you identify and reach your goals. Only for the iPhone at the moment (Android coming soon), you select tasks – or create your own – that you want to complete and keep track of your progress. You’ll see daily reminders to keep your goals front and center. Create an account to share your progress and get encouragement from other Lift users.


Heart Rate Monitor

Who’d have thought you could get accurate heart rates with your cell phone? These work by placing your finger on the phone’s camera. There are several apps out there, but for iPhone, the $2.99 Cardiio app gets high marks. Android users can try the Instant Heart Rate app for free.

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by on March 12th, 2013