Saverr: A Hot Money Saving Android App

What is Saverr for Android?

“I have sent you plenty of great deals and coupons over the years, but I have just found something that could change the way we all save money. It is called Saverr. Saverr is an app that gives you custom coupons and circulars tailored to the products you buy on a regular basis. 

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Customized Coupons

With customized coupons, you save time on searching through hundreds of coupons each week. They will all be organized within the app for you when you are ready to use them.

Location-Based Circulars

Because Saverr uses geo-location technology, the circulars you get are based on the stores in your area. See all the best deals around you. You get the power to choose!

Receipt Scanning and Storage

Because you scan your grocery receipt into the app, you get a customized list of coupons just for you. The more you scan, the more offers you will be able to find.

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by on October 25th, 2012