Save Money with DIY Gift Wrap

After you’ve completely blown your budget buying gifts for family and friends, the last thing you want to do is splurge even more on gift-wrapping services or even just enough wrapping paper to create beautiful bundles under the tree from your various packages and parcels. We’ve all been there. Fortunately, there are some creative tricks of the trade when it comes to gift wrap that allow you to create bundles more attractive than anything that could come from a store.

Go Natural

Have you ever considered wrapping gifts in brown paper such as the material that composes paper sacks? Not too pretty, right? It’s easy to spruce up plain brown wrapping, however, simply by adorning it with nature’s own decorations: pine cones, acorns, berries, etc.

Magazine Bow

Make use of all those magazines that are now collecting dust by turning a page into a uniquely beautiful bow. You’ll just need scissors to cut a page into strips and glue to secure them into the bow shape. See full instructions here.

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DIY Gift Bag

You can turn any sheet of paper into the perfect gift wrap by following a few easy steps. All you need is a single sheet of paper, whether it be wrapping paper, craft paper or even newspaper about double the size of the bag you need. Make sure you also have tape on hand, as well as handles off of another shopping bag. Check out the full instructions.

Fringed Lunch Sacks

Gift wrap can’t get much easier than a brown paper sack. Make use of paper lunch snacks by adding your own pizzazz. Just use a pair of fringe scissors on the top few inches, then top your gift with colorful tissue paper. Tie the sack with colorful twine or ribbon, and you’re set!

Cupcake Paper Carnations

Paper carnations make gorgeous accents to any gift, and they’re easy to create. Start with the same baking liners that are likely already in your pantry or cupboard. You’ll also need some mini brass brads, hot clue, and an awl to poke small holes in the liners. Martha Stewart has the full instructions.

Cereal Box to Gift Box

If you plan ahead, you don’t even need to purchase a box to carry your gift. By saving cereal boxes throughout the year, you can create plenty of gift boxes for any season. Just make sure you have some scissors and hot glue on hand, and following the instructions is easy as pie!

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by on December 16th, 2014