Corned Beef 5 Ways

With Saint Patrick’s day right around the corner, you’ve finally got an excuse to make corned beef.   Briskets are usually at bargain prices this time of year – and so are the potatoes, cabbage and carrots often served with it.

If you’re worried about the fat and calories in corned beef (hey – it’s just once a year!), look for “round” corned beef instead of the flat briskets.  They’re made from leaner beef round. The only catch is that it can get pretty dry especially if you grill or bake it too long.  And, yes, because there’s less fat, it’s not a flavorful…but it’s still good!

Traditional Boiled Dinner Recipe

The classic preparation is to boil the corned beef adding the vegetables at various intervals.  Foolproof, you’ll have a moist brisket and tasty veggies on the side.

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Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage highly rated slow cooker method takes about 8 hours.  The special ingredient is beer, but you can skip it and it still tastes great.

Perfect Corned Beef from the Microwave

Yes, you can microwave a corned beef brisket!  While the beef is “resting” use the liquid to boil the veggies.  Cut them into smaller chunks so they’ll be done quickly.

Oven Baked Brisket

Baking for several hours doesn’t have to mean dry corned beef.  Follow the foil instructions and use the juices to boil potatoes, carrots and cabbage later. Or, as one reader suggests, bake them all together.

BBQ Corned Beef

For something different, try corned beef on the grill.  This recipe uses chips (I skip that part) but you will need to prep the brisket at bit before grilling.  Again, save the prep water for the veggies if you want to serve those.

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by on March 8th, 2017