20 Great Reasons to Send Free E-Greetings

There was a time, not long ago, when people anxiously awaited the mail man each day in hopes of receiving letters and greeting cards from friends and loved ones. Of course that was before email took its place as a major form of communications. Instead, people today open their email with similar anticipation, and e-greetings are a joyous reprieve from the never-ending onslaught of spam and business notes. Sending a friendly e-card or greeting is great way to show your affection, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute before an important event. Following are 20 great ways to use the Internet to send your love and high regards:

1. Unique Holiday Greetings

Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza are all a time to send traditional greeting cards in the mail. But today’s tech-savvy celebrator has a host of greeting options available on the Web. Instead of sending a basic “Happy Holidays” sentiment, try including family pictures, holiday recipes, poems or even childrens’ art work that’s been scanned into the computer. Your loved ones will surely appreciate your original greeting more than a paper card with a snowman on it.

2. Birthday Wishes

Perfect for those who tend to forget important dates or lose track of time, a birthday e-greeting can be sent at the last moment and still reach its intended recipient on time. Birthday wishes can be personalized with a sentimental note or recounting of a fond memory.

3. Mother’s Day

Want to make Mom feel special but no time to mail a card? Send an e-greeting she’s sure to love. Make sure to personalize it with some words of meaning for the one person who’s always been there for you.

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4. Father’s Day

Dear Old Dad might have thought you forgot all about him—until he receives his Father’s Day e-card. He may not be one for words, but he’ll appreciate hearing how much he’s appreciated.

5. Anniversary

Did you forget again? She’ll never know when she receives that heart-felt e-greeting just in time. Anniversary e-cards are a great opportunity to really show your special someone how much you still care.

6. Congratulations

Whether it’s for a new baby, a marriage, a new job or even graduation, send your congratulations through an e-greeting. The convenience of e-cards allows you to express your happiness for friends and loves ones at the moment you learn the good news.

7. Thinking of You

Know someone feeling down or having a rough run of luck? Let them know you care with a simple e-greeting. You’ll be surprised how much the simple sentiment turns a frown upside down, even for just a moment.

8. Sympathy

It may be traditional to send flowers, food or cards in the mail to the family of someone who’s passed to the other side. But if you, like so many today, don’t often make it to the mail box, an e-greeting is also suitable—if sent appropriately. It may not be the time for smiles and jokes, but you can still let the grieving know they are in your thoughts and prayers.

9. Get Well Soon

Make a sick loved one’s day by sending an e-greeting. A positive message will help bring cheer to days that otherwise might be quite gloomy.

10. Regrets

Hate that you missed that special event? Send your regrets through e-greetings. Your loved one will be surprised you took the time to send a personal message.

11. Grandparent’s Day

Who can forget Grandma and Grandpa. Let them know their place in your heart hasn’t diminished in spite of time and space with an e-card. Just imagine the smile your greeting will bring to their faces.

12. Happy New Year

The convenience of e-greetings allows you to send holiday messages during every holiday you’d like. Offer your family New Year’s tidings with a simple e-card and start the year off right.

13. Valentine’s Day

It may not be flowers and chocolates, but if you can only send greetings due to money or time, a heartfelt e-card can get you out of the dog house.

14. Invitations

Forget those old-fashioned party invitations from the thrift store or the expensive variety from the printer. The modern method of sending an invitation is with an e-card. Not only can you time its arrival to the exact day, but an e-invitation can’t get lost in the mail!

15. Apologies

Have an argument with a loved one? You might have really blown it this time, but you’ll be surprised how much an apology via e-greeting will go toward making amends.

16. Miss You

Missing that special someone lately? Say so through an e-card. Electronic greetings do wonders in bridging the space between you.

17. Halloween

Send your Halloween greetings to the kids in your family with an e-greeting. They’ll not only be thrilled to receive their personal e-card, but will love you all the more for remembering their day of tricks and treats.

18. Good Luck

Does a loved one have a big day coming up? Perhaps a job interview, the first day of school or even a big test. Let them know they’re in your thoughts with a simple e-card. Who knows, it may add the extra spark to see them through to triumph.

19. Easter

Easter cards can be sent to offer blessings through scripture and prayer, or to add excitement to a child’s day of bunnies and egg hunts.

20. Just Because

There’s nothing like receiving a card from someone for no reason other than being in their thoughts. Show a loved one how much they really matter by sending e-greetings for no reason at all. Who doesn’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing they’re loved?

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