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Enjoy one of the largest collection of GearBest promo codes, discounts and coupons online. I am always finding deals daily to help you save more money when shopping electronics and other products online at GearBest. Also, read my thoughts on how to best shop at Gearbest at the bottom of this list if you need more information about Gearbest and how to best shop online at Gearbest.

Gearbest has an admittedly mixed reputation. That being said you’ll generally find a healthy amount of technology and electronics products priced lower compared other major retailers. Why? It’s closer to the source. Ordering from Asia does have risks and communication challenges at times for us North Americans. I have a few suggestions how to make sure you protect yourself if you aren’t used to ordering from the other side of the world.

My first suggestion for added security is to buy the shipping insurance Gearbest offers. Why? If you have any issues Gearbest’s customer service will only offer you a 50% refund from my research. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues ordering over 20 products but you never know, it only takes one mishap to ruin your shopping trip.

My second suggestion is that you use PayPal to pay for added security in case anything happens during shipping (it’s a long way to go) and they will refund your order 100% if anything goes wrong even if you didn’t buy shipping insurance from Gearbest as long as it’s a valid dispute from what I’ve read. Not to mention PayPal protects your credit card information from being exposed which makes it a great payment solution for any online shopping.

If you can look past the long shipping times, communication boundaries and possible customer service risks there are many great electronics deals to be had if you are looking out for them. I’ve personally been a fan of Gearbest for many years ever since I used Gearbest’s great prices to construct a 360-degree video camera setup for cheaper than a GoPro camera. If Gearbest isn’t your cup of tea you can always try the Amazon promo codes list here instead.

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