4 Ways ‘Price Matching’ Is Easier Than Couponing

Relax and still get the savings you crave!

1. In Less Time, You Save Just As Much!

With high unemployment and gas prices dinging our wallets every day of the week- it is stressful enough to make us all believe that if you go ‘extreme’ on couponing you can save $500 or more. Those type of savings take many hours and often leave extreme couponers with a lot of extra items you may never use. Why not just take it easy and bring in a local competitors ad to your closest store? Big brand stores like Walgreens, Target, Walmart and so on are getting competitive for your business with the internet dinging their wallets too and most will match any price advertised. Price matching is beginning to save you just as much as hours of couponing these days!

2. One Stop Shopping Instead Of Multiple Stops For Couponing Tricks

Price matching means you can do all your shopping in one store instead of hopping from store to store with the best coupons. 

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3. Price Matching For Cheap Meats & Produce

You may not see easy coupons for produce, but in your local ads you will see easy low prices. At yoFreeSamples.com, we typically see produce advertised for as low as $0.30/lb for fruits and vegetables!

4. Easier? Yes. Healthier Too? Yes!

Not only is is easier to get cheap produce like delicious bell peppers; it’s also healthier food choices than coupons typically offer discounts on! Eat well and save time by price matching and you’ll be in a happy home. Be sure to check our local ads next time instead of the coupons section and see what if you can save time and money!

Do you prefer price match or coupon clip more?

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