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FREE or Discounted Amazon Products From Elite Deal Club

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FREE or Discounted Amazon Products From Elite Deal Club

I’m in semi-shock, I just bought Art Naturals Argan Oil 4 Oz by ArtNaturals for absolutely free on Amazon. It seems there are 75-100% off many other items too. I am investigating the Elite Deal Club and other Amazon Clubs for a couple weeks to write a thorough review (there is also a thread on our Facebook Group with other folks sharing their experience) but wanted to share my experience so far, which has been great. Check it out.

A note about getting banned for asking EDC for help A few readers have mentioned if you contact them about codes not working or for other support reasons; that they are getting blocked on an IP level (in layman terms, a really aggressive ban). I haven’t experienced this but just keep this in mind. I guesstimate about 5-10% of the codes just not work in general, so to protect your account maybe just go on to the next deal if the code doesn’t work. If this is true, and from looking at Facebook comments on their page it might be, I am not sure what EDC is thinking by doing this to their customers.

Amazon Review Ban: On 10/3/2016 Amazon banned free & discounted reviews. As of 6/1/17, it appears Elite Deal Club keeps powering through with great deals and still a decent amount of freebies. And no reviews required! I’ve been ordering almost weekly from here and not much has changed except less freebies, also checkout Jumpsend for another good option. More information about the Amazon Review ban here.

Pro tip: Do you watch Amazon Instant TV or listen to their music? Do delayed shipping to get the $1 Digital Credit for all your items to earn even more. I just scored a free TV season because of this.
-John ‘Samples’ Clark

How to get free or discount Amazon products:

  1. Visit the companies website by clicking “Get This Offer (External Website)”
  2. Register for an account. Confirm your email address.
  3. Then browse your Dashboard for Amazon Deals and you can get the same Argan Oil, or other products for absolutely free which is insanely awesome.

* Users must have Amazon Prime to get free shipping on small orders. You also have to leave product reviews to get better offers.

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by on May 17th, 2018