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A Sad Day For Freebies: Amazon Bans Free & Discounted Reviews

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A Sad Day For Freebies: Amazon Bans Free & Discounted Reviews

According to a recent press release about Amazon’s community guidelines, effective immediately any incentivized reviews (that’s ReviewKick, EliteDealsClub, Smiley360, all of them) are banned from Amazon completely. Previous reviews will be removed if “excessive” and you won’t be banned for previous reviews. As an avid reviewer and I know many of you reading this are too, this is very sad news for the freebie world.

If you were building up your Amazon review rank diligently, Amazon said going forward, the only incentivized reviews will be allowed from Amazon Vine which is currently invite-only, however that may change with this new policy. So there is hope that Vine will open up if your rank is high and your reviews are unbiased and high quality.

On a positive note, I think we’ll see other review programs emerge for sites that also offer discount codes and reviews on them, I’m looking at Walmart, Target and other major e-commerce marketplaces. And I think all the current programs will shut down or like ReviewKick will make reviews optional which actually might benefit all of us more. Time will tell.

Let’s all have a moment of silence for all the struggling review programs out there. 🙏

Want to talk about it? I hear you, chat in our private Facebook group post about it here.

Additional resources:

  • ReviewKick responds here with “Effective immediately, we no longer request or require customers who purchase products through Review Kick at a discount to leave a product review.”
  • TechCrunch article about it here.
  • Very active discussion here on Reddit’s /r/ProductTesting/.

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by on October 4th, 2016