TONS of Awesome Samples from P&G

TONS of Awesome Samples from P&G

Get samples of the products you use every day delivered conveniently to your doorstep for FREE!

Every quarter (every 4 months) you can request several different samples from P&G Brand Sampler. This quarter, we were able to request FREE Crest whitest strips, Pantene shampoo & conditioner, Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh, Tide Boost Vivid White & Bright, Downy Infusions Honey Flower, Tide Pods, Downy Unstoppables, + lots of coupons!

Click on the link below to log in/register and request yours. We’ve received these freebies on a consistent basis, and they’re one of the best!

*After logging in, you may need to come back to this link to access the freebie page.

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by on January 8th, 2013