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How does yoFreeSamples work?

We find new samples each day and post them to the site. The newest deals are highlighted on the main page. You can also search by category (beauty, baby, food, etc…).

On yoFreeSamples we place ads from what we believe legitimate companies offering free samples through the Google Ad Network and other advertising networks.  We’ve gotten some good samples from these ads and hope they don’t bother you too much!

You can also sign up for our newsletter (click on SUBSCRIBE button on top menu) to get the latest freebies delivered to your inbox. We’re also on Facebook, Google + and Pinterest where we post daily offers, money saving tips and DIY projects (we like saving money!).

What’s the catch for all these free samples?

There is absolutely no catch. Various brand name companies and websites offer freebies as a way to attract consumers. YoFreeSamples collects these free offers from all over and puts them in one, easy to find place. Check out some of the real free samples visitors to yoFreeSamples have received.

What information do I need to provide?

Since most are samples by mail, you’ll need to provide your mailing address. Some will also ask for an email address. And finally, some ask for “demographic” information like age, gender or income. If you’re uncomfortable giving out that information, try not entering it. But if it’s required, cancel the offer and try another.

But companies want this information so they can put you on a mailing or email list. That means you’ll be sent new offers and samples in the future. If you’re not interested, it’s easy to toss out anything they send you in the mail. For emails, just look for the “unsubscribe” link that’s required on these types of emails if you don’t want to receive them anymore.

Surveys, Offers and Deals

No Surveys!

Some free offers require surveys but we avoid posting them.  We just want the real free stuff!  Why the surveys?  Companies use survey information for market research. They’re trying to find out what people like, don’t like, what other things they might be interested in. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to fill them out or not.

Offers & Deals

Deals and offers are usually special discounts on a product or service or an offer of something for free in exchange for something else – like you signing up for a website account, subscribing to a magazine or club. If you’re interested in the product or service, these can be great deals so we do post these along with our free sample offers.

Are some of the freebie websites scams?

Most free offers, deals and samples are legitimate. Unfortunately there are some bad apples and we work hard to screen the bad deals. One tip – avoid any freebies which ask you to download files to your computer. And if something looks fishy, just leave the site.

We also addressed questions you may have about yoFreeSamples.  In our post, Is yoFreeSamples Legit (YES!), we answered the questions that consumer sites recommend you get answers to before using a site.

I’ve ordered a freebie, now what?

Product samples are usually delivered within 2 to 8 weeks. Companies typically verify that you aren’t a repeat customer trying to get a ton of freebies more than once so if you don’t receive a sample, that could be the reason.  But more likely, they just ran out and they don’t let you know.

Help! They charged my credit card.

If you’re asked to provide credit card information, it’s not a true free sample or deal. Stop to read what you’re signing up for as there are several promotions that offer free stuff to sign up for something. If you don’t want what they’re offering in exchange for the freebie, cancel and move on.

Please let us know if you have a negative experience with any company so we can remove the offer. The good news is that so far, this has not happened to anyone who visited this website.

I’d like to link to YoFreeSamples

We’ve got several ways to easily add a link to YoFreeSamples from your website. Instructions are on this page.

Any more questions? Contact us here. If you prefer to use snail mail, our mailing address is at the bottom of each page.


Whether you want to try a product before buying it or you want to save money by getting things for free, then the Internet can be an excellent way to find free products.

How to Find Free Samples

1. Online free product websites like this one! On these websites, you will find a number of links to free product samples from as many retailers, manufacturers and brands as we can find.

2. Retailer sites, like Wal-Mart, regularly offers free samples for quite a few well-known brand products.

3. Brand or Manufacturer sites often test new products will offer free samples. You can often find these under the homepage of a company’s website by clicking on special offers and promotions.

4. Do an internet search. If you are looking for a specific free product or sample, but don’t know which manufacturer or distributor to look under then you can simply type in the product you are looking for along with the term free sample into your search engine.

Online Coupons

Besides free samples, the internet is a great source for discount coupons. Many manufacturers and brands have a list of their printable coupons on their website ready for you to print and bring to the store. As with free samples, coupons can be found at retailer sites. These coupons are for use at a specific store and often target buyers in a certain area – that’s why you’re asked for you zip code on some sites.

Some coupons need a special printer application.  You’ll know when the site asks you to install something to print the coupon.  Most of the times, these are legitimate as many big coupon vendors want to make sure that only valid coupons are used – not counterfeits.  It’s up to you whether you want to bother installing.  But be careful if it’s not a well-known/brand name site.  Don’t install anything from a site that looks sketchy.

How Can I Use Coupons Without a Printer?

We wrote a blog post just on that topic.  You can read it here.

Popular Free Samples Online

You can’t get samples for everything! Here is a list of the most popular product sample offerings:

Household – The largest category by far, you can get everything from dish soap to air fresheners.

Health and Personal Care – Here you can find a number of items such as shampoo, lotion, soap, styling products and even razors.  You’ll also see offers for medicines, supplements or first aid items.

Food – While you won’t find these as often as the first two groups, they are still prevalent online. Often you can find free samples of cereal, snacks, candy or other types of foods.

Pets – Samples for pet food and treats are an up and coming category.

Beauty Products – Make-up, skin care, bath and body items – these are everywhere – off line and online. Online, they’re often distributed through company or retail sites as an incentive to purchase something. But there are direct from manufacturer freebies especially from smaller or newer companies that want to get your attention.

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