Save $1.00 off when you buy any 2 Windex Products

Save $1.00 off when you buy any 2 Windex Products

Do you know that Windex Cleaner is not just for glass? Yes, it’s true. Windex has developed a new spray cleaner that effectively gives a streak-free shine and cleans any area inside or outside your house –it’s amazing! Try it now.

Print a coupon now and save $1.00 off when you buy any 2 Windex Products. It’s totally free and there’s no need to purchase anything. We understand your priority, and so we’re making ways on how we can help you. Enjoy shopping!

How to print coupon:

  1. Click the deal link below.
  2. If you already have an account, you can go ahead and sign in.
  3. If you’re not yet a member, create an account by signing up.
  4. “Clip” Windex, or any coupons you wish to print.

* While promotion last.

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by on January 13th, 2014